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Video Demo: Storylines (Enroll and Monitor Study Participants)

This video demo shows how easy it is for research staff to Enroll and Monitor text messaging communications with your study participants through Mosio’s Storylines module. What are Storylines? Storylines enable researchers to pre-schedule a series of messages or surveys to be sent, automatically, with each study participant starting on their own Day 0. For […]

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Get more out of REDCap with Mosio’s Mobile Messaging

Get more out of REDCap with Mosio’s Mobile Messaging We’ve always said “we play well with others” and take pride in the fact that our mobile messaging software works well with other technologies. Whether its vendor-provided EDC, CTMS, or proprietary software, our development team has the experience in helping our clients get more from the […]

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Mosio Announces Digital Gift Codes for Research Participant Incentives

Mosio Announces Simple Digital Incentives to its Award Winning Patient Engagement Platform Clients can reward deserving participants with this innovative text messaging platform feature Seattle, WA – December 27, 2017 Mosio, a top mobile solutions provider for clinical research, recently announced the release of their new digital gift codes feature. Patient engagement incentives like this […]

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Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research

Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research Text messaging platform feature confirms and verifies study participants during mobile communications Seattle, WA (PRWEB) — September 28, 2017 Today, Mosio, a mobile solutions provider for clinical research, announces its new mPIN™ technology. Mosio’s mPIN™ adds a new layer of security and verification to text messaging communications with […]

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[Tools and Templates] Information for Clinical Research Sites

Training Information and Clinical Research Tools for Sites Clinical research coordinators, CRAs, and other research staff are busy, they have a lot to do when a study starts. They’re running through trial management checklists, gathering necessary paperwork and ensuring everything gets off to a great start. Part of the success in starting up a study […]

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Increase Patient Engagement in 48 Countries with Mosio’s True Two-Way Text Messaging™

What is True Two-Way Text Messaging™? Many mobile messaging companies claim that they have global text messaging capabilities. While it may be technically accurate, in many cases it requires the end user to text to a UK long code, incurring international text messaging fees, not the best user experience, especially after patients get their bill. Some […]