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Mosio Announces Study Team Reminders™, Automated Communications for Clinical Research Staff

By November 15, 2022 No Comments


The leading text messaging software for clinical research now empowers research teams with automated text message reminders and alerts on mobile devices.

Mosio, the leading text messaging provider for researchers and public health programs, announced today the release of Study Team Reminders™, an automated messaging scheduler to keep research teams alert and informed while on the go.

Many of the “boots on the ground” tasks fall at the feet of clinical research coordinators, causing stress and burnout in research staff while putting the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials at risk. The end result can be stressful work environments, a feeling of being unappreciated by staff, costly mistakes and high turnover, adding more time and costs to running clinical studies.

Mosio’s Study Team Reminders™ aim to fix these issues by allowing sponsors, CROs, principal investigators, and research coordinators to set up automated reminders and alerts for study staff, delivered to their mobile phones via SMS text message. Reminders and alerts can be scheduled in advance or in real-time or staff can use the interactive “text chat” module to communicate with management or team leads.

Mosio’s software is web-based and the messages are accessible via any mobile phone with text messaging capabilities. Research staff can opt out of messages at any time or create personalized reminders or alerts for themselves.

“Our software is designed to optimize workflow processes for researchers by automating communications with study subjects. Study Team Reminders are the perfect addition to our suite of engagement, adherence and data collection tools, helping research coordinators and managers be more efficient and effective in their work,” said Noel Chandler, Mosio’s CEO. “By leveraging the text messaging channel, research teams can receive valuable reminders and information on all phones without the need for mobile apps,” Chandler added.

Current or new clients can add Study Team Reminders™ to their accounts for no additional cost to their licenses. Clinical researchers interested in learning more about the services or to see pricing can visit the Mosio website at www.mosio.com.

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