Improve Data Collection

Get Your Data from Wherever Subjects Are

Use Mosio’s text message surveys or use it to deliver survey links.

Pre-schedule automated messaging and customize “nudge” reminders to ensure compliance.

Text Message Surveys

Text messaging is a great way to reach study participants to ensure that they fill out required surveys for your research projects. Mosio makes it simple and easy to send out reminders and surveys that will be noticed by your participants and that will help you collect the data you need to achieve success in your research projects.

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ePRO and Data Collection

The clinical trial software packages offered by Mosio integrate with ePRO to provide seamless support for your data collection requirements. This will help your staff to achieve greater productivity when managing data collection for your research studies.

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Automated Survey Scheduling

Pre-scheduling text messages to deliver surveys at the proper times will help you and your research team to keep things on track. Mosio’s innovative text messaging solutions can make it easy to deliver surveys on a schedule you choose and that suits the needs of your research activities.

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Third Party EDC and ePRO Integration

Integrating your electronic data capture and ePRO systems with your text messaging solutions can provide you with a more streamlined approach to your data collection. Mosio’s team can create a custom interface that works with your clinical trial software and that suits your needs perfectly.

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Add Text Messaging to REDCap

REDCap research software can be an important tool for handling data collection for your research studies. Mosio is designed to integrate with your existing REDCap implementation and to provide you with added tools to contact and communicate with your study participants.

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Pre-Screener SMS Surveys

Screening questionnaires are an ideal way to find and retain the right participants for your studies. The Mosio text messaging system is designed to allow you to deliver pre-screening surveys to find the best subjects for your research endeavors.

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Gathering Patient and Participant Feedback

Obtaining the right feedback from study participants after your research is completed can provide your team with added help in structuring your next research project. Mosio makes it easy for your study subjects to respond easily and to provide added help in managing future research projects more effectively.

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Compliance Confirmation

It is often important to know when your subjects have completed surveys and other required activities for your research studies. Mosio makes it easier for you to receive confirmation that your subjects have finished surveys, taken medication and many other required actions for your ongoing research projects.

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