Engage and Retain

Automated Text Messaging to Retain Study Subjects

Use built-in Mosio functions to get creative with new ways of communicating with your participants.

Mosio’s text messaging software helps you improve engagement, adherence and retention.

Personalized Communications

Mosio’s innovative interface can automate the process of inserting names into your text messages. This can create greater engagement and a personal touch for your study-related texts.

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Reminders and Timely Alerts

Regular reminders and alerts are an important addition to Mosio’s lineup of patient engagement solutions. By letting your study participants know about upcoming activities and required responses, our automated reminder texts can keep your subjects engaged and on track with your research activities.

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Automated Coordinator Check-ins

Mosio also allows you to pre-schedule messages for your study participants to ensure that they receive the right communications at the right times. This can help you stay in touch without creating additional burdens for the members of your research team.

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Appreciation Messaging

Saying thank-you in a text can help your study participants to feel more appreciated and to engage more fully with your research activities. At Mosio, we make it easy to add appreciation messages to your lineup of patient engagement solutions.

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Dosing Reminders

Keeping your study participants on track with proper dosing and administering of medications is critical to achieve measurable and reliable results. Mosio offers your research team the ability to create customized text messages that can go out to your control group, your test subjects and others involved in the trial or testing process.

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Two-Way Text Messaging

Mosio’s TextChat interactive text messaging feature allows you to reach out to your participants and to establish a two-way dialogue with subjects. These patient engagement solutions can provide support for your study participants and your research coordinators in dealing with questions and concerns that may arise.

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Ongoing Support and Encouragement

Text messaging can allow your team to offer words of encouragement and praise to those who choose to participate in your studies. Mosio makes it much easier to express your gratitude to your test subjects, which can help keep them engaged and on track for your research studies.

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Communicate on Autopilot

Research has shown that more than five billion people around the world send and receive texts, which positions text messaging as one of the most popular ways to communicate in the modern era. At Mosio, we make it simple to reach out to your study participants through texts to increase their engagement and their comfort level with your communications.

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Satisfaction Surveys

One of the best ways to increase retention and satisfaction for your research study participants is to perform research using satisfaction surveys at the conclusion of each study. Mosio can help you create customized surveys to help you collect data that will help you improve the experience for future participants in your research studies.

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