CROs look to Mosio to help simplify study staff communication tasks, keep patients compliant and more conveniently capture patient endpoint data. Whether you are looking to increase operational efficiencies across a series of studies or need to identify new ways to increase patient engagement and retention for a single study, we make life easier by leveraging the most powerful channel on mobile phones: text messaging.

Improve Patient-Centricity and Identify Dropout Risks

Reasons for clinical trial patient dropout can vary among many factors: feeling unappreciated, distance from study sites, complexity, forgetting appointments, and esoteric reasons, such as the sponsor not reimbursing patients for parking expenses.

Study sites can be extremely busy and lack the detailed information to identify out when a patient may be losing interest. Mosio enables CROs and study sites to improve engagement, adherence, and identify which patients might be less communicative and a possible dropout risk, so they can intervene as quickly as possible.

Mosio messages can be one way or bi-directional, depending on the communication requirements of the study.

Improve Adherence and Compliance

At Mosio, we say “recruitment is only half the battle.” In the past there has been so much focus on recruitment with retention strategies consisting of “offer rides to patients so they don’t miss their appointments.” While picking up patients has shown to be helpful, the rise of mHealth has proven the mobile phone to be a wonderful method of engaging patients, reminding them of required tasks, and keeping them interested in the study.

The Mosio platform can be configured to send automated messages based on the communication requirements of the protocol, whether that involves reminders about appointments or to take medicine, or gentle “nudges” to help them complete ePRO diaries.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Successful engagement is more complex than simply retaining patients in your studies. The most successful clinical trials have patients actively involved, aware of their role in the study. Every patient is different, so the ways of keeping them engaged need to be flexible and personal. Mosio enables your team to align your study goals with the perfect elements to increase engagement with your patients before, during and after your trial.

With 99% of mobile phones having text messaging capabilities and the 45-65 demographic as the fastest-growing group of “texters”, you have a wide range of possibilities to formulate effective engagement strategies for volunteers in all of your studies. Contact us for a free consultation and a quote.

Improve the Collection of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Regardless of the PRO method being utilized in your study, making sure patients enter the appropriate data at the proper time is paramount to study success. Unfortunately, some patients do not complete their PROs because they either forget or are not engaged.

Mosio makes it easy to remind patients to fill out PRO details, either through our text messaging surveys to collect data or text message reminders to fill out diaries or ePRO devices/apps. 91% of mobile users keep their phones within an arm’s reach 24/7. Whether or not they are using their own device to enter PRO data, Mosio helps you utilize their mobile phone as an effective tool to stay compliant.

Study Staff Reminders

Mosio automated messages can be used for more than study subject communications. Automated reminders can be scheduled to research staff to ensure action items get completed in a timely manner.

Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment normally requires a significant amount of time and money, but with Mosio’s text messaging solutions, CROs save clients significant time and energy. Through advertising call-to-action communications, new study alerts lists or pre-screener surveys identifying patients best suited for a study, harness the power of two-way mobile text messaging through our secure, web-based platform.

Improve Patient Engagement and Adherence

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