Interactive Text Messaging

The easiest way to receive and respond to questions, comments, and feedback. Study participants use the text messaging feature on their mobile phones, the same way they communicate with friends and family.

Research staff use Mosio’s secure, web-based software to receive and respond to messages, including autoresponders and answer templates.

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Interactive. Mobile. Engagement.

Study participants want to text with you. Mosio’s TextChat enables you to communicate with them in a simple and efficient way.

Conversational, Two-Way Text Messaging

Improve engagement and assistance by providing research subjects with an easy way to contact you: through a dedicated texting number for your study.

Communicate 1-15x More Efficiently Than Phone Calls

One study staff member can assist multiple users simultaneously and spend less “talk time” without a reduction in communication quality.

Study staff can even manually send gift code incentives via TextChat after completed actions. For more information on this function, visit our video guides page.

Share Information Easily With One Or Many Study Subjects

Send links to websites, documents, forms, videos ,and directions to mobile phones with ease. Mosio uses its own proprietary link-shortening system to avoid getting blocked by mobile carriers, which can happen when using bitly links. And yes, Mosio is emoji-enabled. 😁

Significantly Faster Than Email And Voicemails

Over 90% of text messages are read within 15 minutes. Some Mosio client research requires that they conduct telephone interviews. They use Mosio to text subjects in advance to remind them of the call, ensuring they’ll “show up” by answering the phone when it rings.

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