Automated Text Messaging for Researchers at Children's Hospitals

Mosio helps research teams at leading children’s hospitals to efficiently communicate with study participants and their caregivers.


Efficient Communications Between Researchers and Caregivers

Mosio’s text messaging software also provides a way for research teams to communicate with caregivers, who play an important role in the lives of young participants. Timely updates on study procedures, changes in condition, new health insights, or “nudges” to ensure the completion of tasks can all get delivered quickly and easily via text message.

Automating alerts and reminders for both patients and caregivers can help to improve regulatory compliance and general adherence to quality standards. Clients have told us “Mosio is like another member of our research team.” When we built our platform, this is exactly what we set out to achieve. Mosio meets the complex needs of researchers while delivering an intuitive and seamless user experience for participants.

Next Generation Two-Way Text Messaging in Research Studies

Research teams can adapt Mosio to the nuances of their program and study design to deliver highly-tailored text-based communications. From daily check-ins to information on adherence, research teams can use Mosio to directly communicate with either adolescents or their caregivers.

The two-way text messaging solution can ensure participants receive time-sensitive information at scale. No matter how many young people are enrolled in a study, Mosio offers a scalable solution for text-based interventions. Clients can customize our text messaging platform to align with the unique demands of their program. Based on client feedback, our team continuously tweaks and refines the system to further meet the needs of researchers.

Collect Study Data Efficiently

The benefit of using a powerful text messaging platform is being able to communicate AND collect data efficiently. Mosio makes it easy for you to produce and deploy surveys, whether via SMS or links to other systems. Research teams can then import CSV files into their preferred Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software for analysis.

For research programs using paper journals or alternative data collection methods, research teams can still use Mosio to ensure participants at the children’s hospital are filling out all the relevant details within the right timeframes. In other words, you can give participants a “nudge” to fill out their journals via text message, which can help improve the quality of your data.

Automate Communications with Study Participants, Caregivers, or Both

From the initial recruitment stage right the way through to data analysis, Mosio can help research teams at children’s hospitals automate their study communications. The two-way text messaging solution offers a myriad of features and benefits that can radically streamline research processes.

With the support of Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™, you can pre-schedule text message sequences. Each study participant begins as they are screened, offering ease of use for studies with rolling enrollment or longer-term studies in children’s hospitals with participants starting in phases.

Study Subjects and Caregivers Use Their Own Mobile Devices

  • Everything happens via text with no apps to download or manage.

  • Young mobile users prefer text messaging communications.

  • Participants or caregivers can receive instant SMS notifications.

  • Mosio enables you to fully automate and personalize messages.

Benefits to Principal Investigators and Research Staff

  • Radically improve adherence and participant engagement.

  • Automated study communications (the TextChat module allows for live, two-way texting communications).

  • “Nudge” reminders to ensure study-related tasks are completed on time.

  • Smooth process to send links, emojis and images back-and-forth.

HIPAA Compliant (GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)

Mosio complies with client and regulatory requirements in crucial areas such role-based limited access, validation, data protection, data retrievability, audit trials, date/time stamps, and system training documentation.

For enhanced security, data backup and production systems are distributed around the globe. For continual upgrades and client support, Mosio follows a defined SDLC and Quality Policy. Mosio is happy to sign a BAA and we are confident we’ll pass your compliance and IT questionnaires to ensure confidence in working with our team.

Mosio Integrates Perfectly with REDCap

As REDCap integration specialists, our development team is well-equipped to help you get the most out of text messaging in your research programs. Our team will encourage you to think about innovative and beneficial ways to utilize text messaging as part of your research at children’s hospitals. In most cases, you can control everything from inside of REDCap while Mosio handles automated text messaging in the background.