Text Message Appointment Reminders

As a part of our commitment to increasing participant compliance in all types of research, we’ve designed text message appointment reminders to help ensure study participants show up for their site visits, prepared, when scheduled.

Clients benefit from innovative appointment reminders that include personalization options, nudges to ensure a response, and head’s up notifications when participants cancel.

Mosio works with most third party software (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc) that uses email reminders, which means your team doesn’t need to move from your current calendaring/scheduling system to add the power of text messaging.

Pre-Appointment Confirmation

We understand the effectiveness of automated text message appointment reminders in keeping trial participants in the loop. We have thoughtfully designed a personalized text message reminder technology that enables research teams to engage participants in advance of the appointment and confirm attendance.

This empowers patients to clear their schedule in advance and be prepared on the day of their appointment. If they cannot make an appointment, the system responds with a quick call-to-action for the participant to reschedule and simultaneously notify research coordinators of cancellations so rescheduling can happen as soon as possible while keeping patients engaged.

Appointment Preparation Instructions

Our text appointment reminders equip trial participants with easy-to-follow instructions on preparing for their upcoming appointments, either via multiple messages or trackable links to more detailed instructions.

With Mosio, participants are not only well-positioned to attend their appointments but they also remain engaged and compliant in their study activities.

Mosio's Google Calendar Text Reminders

Third Party Calendar Integration

SMS-enable the calendar you’re already using.

We work with third party systems (EDC, CTMS, ePRO, Calendaring, etc) to improve their usefulness by leveraging two-way text messaging.

In the case where direct implementation via API is not possible, but where the system uses email notifications, we’re able to integrate with those systems by configuring our system to turn incoming emails to text messagings.

Do your organization use Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, any CTMS scheduling system, or any other online calendar using .ical or .ics? You can implement Mosio text message appointment reminders seamlessly into your scheduling process without direct integration. With Mosio, you can offer Google Calendar text reminders without changing staff workflow.

Save time in sending SMS appointment reminders with a workflow process integration that works the way you do. We’ll work with you to determine your appointment content and are able to update your calendar for confirmations or cancelations.

Contact us if you have any questions about adding text messaging appointment reminders (or other capabilities) into another piece of software.

Schedule Appointment Reminders in Bulk

If you have lots of appointments at your organization or use software that enables you to export appointment data in bulk (Date, Time, Participant ID, and Mobile Number), you can use our CSV uploader to schedule text message appointment reminders in bulk.