Mosio Helps Research Teams Streamline Communications and Improve Adherence

For the over 16 years, Mosio has assisted a wide variety of research projects to maximize the efficiency of communications, improve subject adherence, and help them get the data they need. From innovative data collection technologies to timely automated reminders and interventions – no matter how complex your processes are, Mosio can be configured to help you achieve study goals.

University and NIH

University and other NIH researchers require streamlined communications, reliable adherence, and flawless data collection in order to ensure the effectiveness of studies. A high-quality level of communication between study participants/patients needs to be upheld at all times. With Mosio’s wealth of reminders, intervention information and data gathering functions available all through a single platform, there’s no more need for the juggling act of manually sending messages (unless absolutely called for). 

Our focus is on solving your operational pain points in ways that basic “business texting” services miss the mark. Mosio solves challenges in the research industry, it’s our primary focus. Every research project is different, but chances are, we’re currently serving a client with a project similar to yours in how they communicate with and engage study subjects.

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Behavioral Research

Behavioral research can be tricky to conduct, but Mosio’s software makes it easier. It seamlessly improves adherence, engagement, and data collection when it comes to behavioral research – which can be conducted and monitored through our comprehensive and full-interactive suite of automated text messaging software. 

You’re in the business of finding out what it is that makes people do what they do. Research shows the power of mobile phones and the usefulness of text messaging in driving human interactions and behaviors. We’ve applied those findings to automated research study communication functions to make your work easy, using the mobile channel people prefer.

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Caregivers of children and teenagers are extremely busy, but highly mobile. Mosio allows research teams to improve adherence and engagement with automated text messaging, leveraging the most popular channel on mobile phones.

Some of our clients use Mosio to send and receive text messages with study participants, their caregivers, or both. 

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Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Mosio helps CROs to greatly improve their ability to recruit clinical trial patients efficiently while ensuring that they stay motivated and compliant for longer. 

It’s vital that patients feel valued, and Mosio’s software is designed to ensure that they’re aware of their importance during studies through reaffirming messages. The text messaging software is also designed to automate many of these communications, reducing the burden on study staff, while increasing patient-centricity and personalization.

The beauty of Mosio’s automated messaging software is that it not only provides an efficient approach to patient compliance and engagement, but messages can also be scheduled to remind study staff of their daily tasks – helping to make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to productivity.

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Patient engagement is key to the accumulation of invaluable data with pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Study sponsors benefit from Mosio’s award-winning text messaging software, providing an excellent cost-effective and intuitive solution that helps achieve clinical trial goals. 

Through the implementation of dosing alerts, timed appointment reminders, real-time delivery of ePRO links (with follow up nudges to ensure completion), Mosio’s clinical trial software offers a suite of messaging solutions usable on every mobile phone. Experience the the benefit of a next generation mobile messaging solution that minimizes the chances of miscommunications, low engagement and adherence.

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