Text Reminders

Reminders Made for Researchers

Getting your study subjects to do what is required is EASY with Mosio.

Mosio’s automated text reminders improve engagement and adherence while reducing study staff workloads.


Text messaging is an ideal way to deliver appointment reminders for patients and study participants. Mosio’s system is designed to integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar to promote the most practical and most convenient reminders of upcoming appointments for your participants.

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Get the Data You Need

Sending a new reminder text message to study participants when a survey is available will typically ensure that these surveys are completed in the timeliest fashion possible. Mosio integrates with third-party electronic data capture systems and ePRO to deliver nudge reminders to participants and to ensure that the results of these survey responses can be collected and compiled in the most practical and efficient way possible.

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Journal Completion

Making sure patients and participants in your studies are completing required journals and questionnaires is critical to the successful completion of your research. Mosio makes it much simpler to send a new reminder through text messaging to participants in your studies to remind them to complete journals in a timely way.

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Dosing Reminders / Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is made much simpler with text messaging solutions that remind patients when to take medications and in what doses. Mosio’s integrated and automated text messaging solutions make it much easier to remind patients and trial participants to take the required dosage and to report their compliance to you and your fellow researchers.

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Regular Study Activities 

Intervention reminders are designed to prompt participants to respond to questionnaires or to remain on the right path for managing their study requirements. Mosio is designed to make it easy to interact with participants through TextChat or by sending automated new reminder texts that will keep things on track for your studies and your participants.

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Any Desired Action

Text messaging is a practical way to remind your study participants about any actions you need them to take as part of your research. Mosio makes it easy and convenient to reach out and communicate with the participants in your research study and to retain active participants in the study to bolster the strength of your research results.

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REDCap Integration Reminders

When integrated with REDCap, Mosio not only delivers REDCap survey URLs, it can send “nudge” reminders to ensure completion so you get the survey data you need. Further, enrolling participants in your REDCap instance can initiate any series of reminders mentioned above, without the need to login to the Mosio system.

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Text Message Reminders for Third Party Calendars

If you’re already using Google Calendar or Outlook for scheduling your appointments, there’s no need to switch. Mosio will work with your existing calendar system to add calendar text reminders without additional workflow requirements.

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