Mosio’s RCD License
BAAs, MSAs, and Security Reviews

  • For organizations requiring a more formal relationship with Mosio, including a BAA (Business Associate Agreement), MSA (Master Services Agreement), Security Reviews, being added as Additional Insured on COIs, etc.

  • The RCD License gives your legal, IT, and Compliance departments everything they need to approve Mosio as a vendor on your terms.

  • The license covers all staff at your organization, including using Mosio as a standalone service or with third party systems like REDCap.

  • Staff will be able to purchase a Mosio Plan and use the service under their own account and billing, covered by the administrative agreement outlined.

  • Mosio is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, even without a BAA. An RCD License is not required.

A brief intro about the RCD License.

RCD License – Organizational Agreement

– Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Mosio will review and sign your organization’s BAA.

– Master Services Agreement (MSA) outlining terms and conditions, confidentiality, privacy and data security, insurance coverage, payment terms, support expectations, etc.

– IT, Security, and compliance questionnaires answered.

– HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

– Direct access for IT Admins and researchers (including REDCap Admins).

– Dedicated training to make administrative stakeholders knowledgeable of the functions, capabilities, configurations, and process for project deployment.

– Single Sign-On (SSO) integration capabilities (configuration fee applies).

– Encrypted VPN tunnel configuration capabilities (configuration fee applies).

– Static IP Available for whitelisting.

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The License Includes

– Initial onboarding, setup, and training.
– Risk assessment questions answered.
– Master Services Agreement (MSA) executed (ours or yours).
– Business Associate Agreement (BAA) executed (we review and sign yours).
– Brand registration according to mobile carrier 10DLC requirements.
– Kick-off training meeting with Mosio/IT or system Admins.
– Training guides and videos for admins, coordinators, and staff.
– Test accounts for Admins with dedicated texting number.
– A free Direct Plan so Admins can get started configuring projects.
— Option to upgrade to a discounted Basic or Plus Plan as part of the RCD License.
– Additionally insured (as needed).
– Static IP for whitelisting.

Optional Services (Additional Fees):

– Single Sign-On (SSO)/SAML Configuration

NOTE: The RCD License is an administrative agreement. Staff, users, and teams will need to order Mosio plans, located at

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who typically buys/holds the RCD License?
Most of the holders of the RCD License are at the management or administrative level in an organization, not individual teams or staff. It’s an administrative/legal license and agreement.

Will you sign our organization’s BAA (Business Associate Agreement)?
Yes. As part of our RCD License, we’ll review and sign yours.

Who provides the MSA (Master Services Agreement)?
Typically we provide one, but if your organization has a standard MSA for us to review and sign, we’ll use that.

Will you answer our privacy and data security questions?
Yes, as part of the RCD License we’ll review and respond to your compliance questions.

Does the RCD License come with a plan?
The RCD License comes with a test account for each of your core Admins team. It also comes with a free Direct Plan with the option to upgrade to a discounted Basic or Plus Plan as part of the RCD License. Staff, researchers and other users will need to get their own Mosio plan.

Can we get a trial account?
Because of the updated 10DLC registration process, we are no longer able to provide free trials. The RCD License comes with a test account for each of your core Admins team. If your IT Department is considering an RCD License with a proposal in place and would like a test account to help you make a decision, we will ask our Development team to make a single test account for you. Please note these are reserved for Admins and Managers of at an organization and not for individual researchers or labs.

Can you port numbers from Twilio, Google Voice, or other providers to Mosio?
Yes, it is easy to do and takes a few business days but may take longer. We recommend only doing it on dormant projects and getting started with Mosio first for other projects. More info here.

Do you offer Single Sign On capability?
Yes, as part of the RCD License add-on options.

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