Mosio and REDCap are Great Together

Mosio makes it easy for REDCap Partners to leverage automated two-way text messaging for better adherence and data collection.


Mosio now offers direct, self-service integration into REDCap. Details below explain legacy integration functions. See REDCap Direct for information on how Mosio makes REDCap better.

Connecting Mosio and REDCap
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Spend Most of Your Time in REDCap While Mosio Works in the Background

Depending on your set up we can integrate the systems so you control everything from inside of REDCap. This way you benefit from the usefulness of Mosio’s functions without needing to learn and use a second piece of software.

If you’re a Principal Investigator, Research Coordinator, Project Manager or REDCap Admin at your institution and are looking to get more out of REDCap by integrating automated, interactive text messaging available on your participant’s mobile phones, we’re here to help.

How Mosio Makes REDCap Better

  • Deliver REDCap survey URLs at specific days/times on autopilot with Storylines.

  • Conduct data collection/surveys via text message, then automatically import into REDCap.

  • Reminds participants to finish surveys with friendly nudges.

    • (Mosio can see when data is incomplete in the REDCap system and send a reminder.)

  • Engage in live, two-way text message communications with participants.

    • Great for offering support or assistance during the study.

  • Send automated text-based interventions as part of your study.

  • Configure and send individual or group messages containing text, links, emojis, or images.

  • Schedule text message appointment reminders asking participants to confirm their plan to attend.

  • Deploy text messages triggered by activities completed (or not completed) inside of REDCap.

  • Deliver gift code incentives for completed surveys.

  • Schedule automated reminders to ensure completion of study tasks.

    • Medication Adherence, Journal Completion, Study Activities

    • Nudges can be sent if tasks are not confirmed as complete.

  • Gathering of mobile photos as part of participant data collection.

  • Set up text message triggers based on events in external software or hardware such as wearable devices.

Configurable Messaging to Improve Research Team Workflows

“I don’t want to pay for someone to code this from scratch.” We hear that a lot and it’s not how our service works. We’ve already built a suite of functions on our platform. We’ll work with you to configure and combine core features we call “Modules”, two-way texting functions, to create Programs.

Programs enable researchers to efficiently communicate with study participants, run text-based intervention campaigns, send timed surveys for data collection, and remind study subjects of their appointments.

How Mosio Integrates with REDCap

The Mosio Development team members are REDCap integration experts. Text messaging functions are configured inside of Mosio’s dashboard as well as REDCap. They can then be triggered via REDCap for ease of use by study staff.

In some cases, once the system is configured, the study staff don’t need to log into Mosio. They control everything from inside of REDCap. Contact us for REDCap integration documentation and see how we can make your work even easier.

Mosio Integrates With REDCap Text Messaging

Your Study Subject Communications, Automated

Whether you are sending text-based interventions, links to REDCap surveys, nudges to ensure completion or reminding study participants to “do that thing we need you to do,” Mosio can do it.

With Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ module you pre-schedule a series of messages which can contain text, images, emojis or links. Each participant starts on their own “Day 0,” giving you the flexibility you need for rolling enrollment in your studies.

What is Needed to Integrate Mosio with REDCap

The information below is for legacy set ups. We no longer configure the REDCap integrations this way, in favor of the Direct REDCap integration functions.

  • REDCap API Key

  • REDCap URL

  • To Pull Data, Mosio Needs:

    • What is the Event Name / Arm the data is in.

    • What fields contain data you want to import? Specifically:

    • Subject ID (sometimes called studyid)

    • Mobile Phone Number

    • Any other fields you’d like to import into Mosio

  • To Map REDCap Data to Mosio:

    • Please specify what should happen when the data fields above are populated or unpopulated.

    • Mobile phone number: populated: add to storyline1. Unpopulated: remove from all storylines

    • appt_date1: populated: schedule appt reminder, unpopulated: remove upcoming appt reminders

Basically, we need to know the REDCap field names, and how to associate those fields with Mosio Storylines, Surveys, and Reminders (appointment, dosing, general, etc).

Mosio is HIPAA Compliant (and GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)

Mosio complies with client and regulatory requirements in crucial areas such role-based limited access, validation, data protection, data retrievability, audit trials, date/time stamps, and system training documentation. For enhanced security, data backup and production systems are distributed around the world. For continual upgrades and client support, Mosio follows a defined SDLC and Quality Policy. If you have specific questions or would like a copy of our privacy and data security assessment, get in touch.