Announcement: New SMS Character Limit Tool for Researchers

In today’s fast-paced research environment, communication efficiency is key, especially when it involves engaging with study subjects through text messaging. Recognizing this need, Mosio is excited to announce the launch of our new, free text message character counter tool, an innovative solution tailored for researchers who rely on text messaging as a vital communication channel in their studies.

Text messaging, known for its brevity and immediacy, has become an indispensable tool in the realm of research communication. However, the challenge often lies in crafting messages that are concise yet informative, ensuring that the essence of the message is conveyed without overwhelming the recipient with multiple message segments. This is where our new SMS character counter tool comes into play. Designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, it assists researchers in creating their messaging content strategically, enabling them to minimize the number of messages or “segments” required to send a comprehensive message. This not only streamlines communication but also respects the time and attention of study subjects. Further, languages that use special accents (as well as emojis) are given less character space by the mobile carriers. Using a tool like this will help you write your study communications content with clarity on the number of messages or segments (what’s the difference between a message and a segment?) you’ll be charged for your messages.

The tool is particularly valuable for researchers who integrate REDCap into their workflow. For those utilizing REDCap’s Survey Invitations or Alerts and Notifications functions, our character counter ensures that your message content is optimized for impact and clarity. Those using emails for REDCap survey invitations should think twice about sending the same message over text message. Doing so may use additional message credits not necessary for getting the message across. By providing a real-time character count feedback, researchers can tweak and refine their messages, ensuring that each word is purposeful and effective. If you need help in re-writing emails for your study participant communications and your organization allows it, consider using ChatGPT to help you craft messages under 160 characters.

Moreover, this tool is a boon for those designing text message surveys. Crafting survey questions that are clear, concise, and within the character limit for text messages can be a challenging task. Our character counter helps in striking the right balance, making sure that each question is direct and to the point, enhancing the response rate and the quality of data collected.

We invite you to use this tool for free and experience its benefits firsthand. It’s an invitation we extend not just to individual researchers but to entire teams. Share it with your colleagues and associates, and let it be a stepping stone towards more efficient and effective text-based communication in your research projects.

This character counter is not a standalone feature. It embodies the spirit of efficiency and user-centric design that permeates our Mosio’s suite of automated texting software for research. Character counters like this one are integrated throughout our software, simplifying the task of crafting messages for research teams. This integration ensures that efficiency and effectiveness are not just aspirations but tangible realities in your daily operations. We encourage you to explore our pricing and plans or get a free instant quote. Discover how we empower researchers to improve adherence, engagement, and data collection efforts through our automated text messaging software, and let us be a part of your journey towards research excellence.

Mosio’s SMS Character Counter Tool