Patient Text Messaging and Opioid Safety (Mosio Mentioned in FDA Research Article)

Mosio was recently mentioned in an article by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the value of text messaging for patients who have been prescribed opioids by their physicians. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania indicated that text messaging by Mosio was a valuable tool in monitoring the use of these medications by patients who were prescribed opioid medications for pain. This study highlights the ways in which Mosio can assist researchers and physicians in the clinical setting.

Managing Physician-prescribed Opioids Effectively

Opioids are medications that derive their name from the opium plant in which they naturally occur. Also referred to as narcotics, opioids are used medically to treat pain. This class of drugs, however, can result in opioid dependency and addiction in at-risk patients. Digital patient engagement is one method for preventing addiction and managing the risks to patients who must take opioids on a short-term basis.

As part of the FDA’s Safe Use Initiative, the University of Pennsylvania study looked at the use of automated text messaging in monitoring and staying in contact with patients who had been prescribed opioids. The researchers implemented Mosio’s exclusive software to create conversations with 919 post-operative patients on days 4, 7, 14 and 21 after their urologic or orthopedic procedures. Patients were asked about their level of pain and, if their pain was not controlled well, were referred to their clinicians to find alternative solutions.

Study researchers found that Mosio’s automated text messaging system allowed them to identify outliers in terms of pain management, pain intensity and the amount of opioids used. The study will assist future researchers and clinicians in making the best decisions on behalf of patients who have been prescribed opioids for pain.

Benefits of Mosio Text Messaging for Patients and Researchers

As this study indicates, Mosio’s digital patient engagement solutions can provide real benefits for researchers and participants in their studies. Some of the most important advantages of Mosio’s automated text messaging systems include the following:

  • Popularity: Most patients have mobile phones that make text messaging an easy and familiar form of communication.
  • Automation: By automating communications with patients, Mosio makes it easy to increase engagement with study participants.
  • Versatility: Mosio’s system can be used to monitor medication and treatment adherence, to conduct text-based interventions, to send reminders and to provide support for patients in research studies.

Mosio can provide support for pharmaceutical research studies, physicians, universities and hospitals to ensure the highest degree of engagement with patients and study participants. Get a free project plan, text or call us at 425-559-9993 to learn more about Mosio’s text-messaging software today. We will be happy to provide you with a pricing guide or a quote for your upcoming research project needs.