Text Messaging and Smoking Cessation Research

Finding the best ways to communicate with potential research subjects in the field of smoking cessation can be critical to your success as a researcher. If you are currently conducting research on tobacco use and the use of electronic cigarettes, Mosio can help with one of the most practical and positive solutions for reaching potential and current study participants. Our text messaging system allows you to increase engagement and to manage your smoking research study protocols in the most effective manner possible.

Text Messaging Solutions for Researchers

At Mosio, we deliver advanced text messaging solutions that work for clinical researchers and medical professionals to provide support for all your activities. Some of the most important features of the Mosio text messaging system for smoking research include the following components:

Mosio offers the features you need to reach your study participants and to ensure measurable results. Our text messaging software can also make it easier to support smoking cessation efforts on the part of patients under your care.

Optimized for Smokefree.gov Libraries

Smokefree.gov offers easy access to free federal tools designed to assist health departments and researchers in engaging patients and participants to encourage them to quit smoking. The QuitNowTXT Message Library has been developed by Smokefree to provide a database of text messages that can be delivered on a daily basis. These messages can easily be integrated into a comprehensive outreach program that uses the same keywords and responses as the QuitNowTXT database. When end users text the keywords Crave, Slip or Mood, QuitNowTXT is designed to provide targeted responses to help in these situations. Mosio can integrate seamlessly with your protocols to provide the same functionality for your research project.

A Proven Track Record for Success

Mosio’s text messaging system has been used successfully in a number of smoking research studies to promote increased engagement by participants and to produce accurate data for researchers:

  • A pilot research trial on the use of Varenicline supplemented with text messages demonstrated a highly positive reaction on the part of study participants to the text messages sent through the Mosio system.
  • Mosio text messaging has also been used to facilitate education on electronic cigarettes for young adults and to measure their response to text messages intended to increase more accurate risk perception about the dangers of these smoking devices.

These and other studies have utilized the Mosio text messaging system to interact with participants and to provide accurate information on smoking cessation and the dangers of tobacco use and electronic cigarettes.

Mosio offers customized and practical solutions for your research studies and outreach activities. To learn more about Mosio’s text messaging solutions and how they can help you manage your smoking cessation research studies more efficiently, text or call us today at 425-559-9993. Our team is here to help you now and for all your future research study needs.

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