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Mosio Announces Digital Gift Codes for Research Participant Incentives

Mosio Announces Simple Digital Incentives to its Award Winning Patient Engagement Platform Clients can reward deserving participants with this innovative text messaging platform feature Seattle, WA – December 27, 2017 Mosio, a top mobile solutions provider for clinical research, recently announced the release of their new digital gift codes feature. Patient engagement incentives like this […]

Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research

Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research Text messaging platform feature confirms and verifies study participants during mobile communications Seattle, WA (PRWEB) — September 28, 2017 Today, Mosio, a mobile solutions provider for clinical research, announces its new mPIN™ technology. Mosio’s mPIN™ adds a new layer of security and verification to text messaging communications with […]

[Tools and Templates] Information for Clinical Research Sites

Training Information and Clinical Research Tools for Sites Clinical research coordinators, CRAs, and other research staff are busy, they have a lot to do when a study starts. They’re running through trial management checklists, gathering necessary paperwork and ensuring everything gets off to a great start. Part of the success in starting up a study […]

Increase Patient Engagement in 48 Countries with Mosio’s True Two-Way Text Messaging™

What is True Two-Way Text Messaging™? Many mobile messaging companies claim that they have global text messaging capabilities. While it may be technically accurate, in many cases it requires the end user to text to a UK long code, incurring international text messaging fees, not the best user experience, especially after patients get their bill. Some […]

👊💥 Breakthrough patient recruitment initiatives and getting more referrals

Patient Recruitment and Retention News Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, keep up with the latest trends in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: Text Messaging: The Ultimate Tool For BYOD In Clinical Trials “Bring your own device”, or BYOD, is becoming a new trend in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and investigators are starting to realize the ease and utility that BYOD […]

Health Tech Programs Including Text Messaging Show Positive Results

Health Tech Programs Including Text Messaging Show Positive Results Health tech programs using text messaging services to promote healthy choices and change behaviors have been shown to be effective on an increasing basis for the last few years. A new clinical trial investigating coronary artery disease and healthy behaviors has proved that text messages from […]

Mosio Announces Publication of New Patient Recruitment and Retention eBook

Company publishes second book of clinical trial patient recruitment and retention tips and strategies SEATTLE, WA — Mosio, a leader in clinical research patient engagement technology, announces the release of its second eBook, “Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment and Retention Tips.” Partnering with experienced clinical research professionals, Mosio revisits the hurdle of patient recruitment and retention […]

April News: 7 Recruitment Tips and the Transformation of Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment and Retention News – Apr 2016 April showers bring more power…to your clinical trials! Stay up to date with what’s trending in Patient Recruitment and Retention News.  Mosio Exclusive: First and foremost, Join us at the ACRP 2016 Meeting & Expo this week!  Mosio’s CEO and co-founder Noel Chandler will be speaking on “Mobile Technologies in […]

Facilitators and Barriers to Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment remains one of the most challenging aspects of running a clinical trial, and the primary reason a trial is extended or delayed. The issue is pervasive with an estimated 86% of trials failing to meet recruitment goals by the intended timeline. Furthermore, it is estimated that the opportunity cost is $8 million for […]

How to Build Your Database for Patient Recruitment

3 Strategies to Build Your Database for Patient Recruitment Patient recruitment is a complex set of activities that work in concert to fill a trial with the allotted number of participants. One of the ways we can get a head start on patient recruitment is by having a robust patient recruitment database filled with patients […]

Best of Patient Recruitment and Retention News – December 2015

This holiday season give yourself the gift of knowledge! Stay up to date with the latest in patient recruitment and retention from around the web. Are we missing one? Tweet it to us at @Mosio. Mosio Exclusive: 3 Ways to Increase Patient Retention in Clinical Trials. Patient recruitment is only half the battle, you need a patient […]

Join us at the OmniComm Innovation Forum 2015!

We are delighted to be a Gold Sponsor for the OmniComm Innovation Forum 2015 in Delray Beach, Florida on October 29-30.  Technological solutions for the clinical trial industry will be discussed with an esteemed panel of speakers including our very own, Noel Chandler, co-founder and CEO of Mosio. Noel’s presentation, “Recruit, Retain, Engage Study Participants […]

Join Us at the Site Solutions Summit 2015 at Amelia Island!

Join us at Site Solutions Summit at Amelia Island, October 8-11, 2015. This premier event is designed to help clinical research sites reach optimal performance. Mosio’s dedication to assisting sites achieve their patient recruitment and retention goals aligns with this mission, and we’re delighted to join like-minded professionals at this great event! Providing solutions to […]