Public Health Programs

Public health departments can benefit from Mosio’s unique text-based options to communicate with individuals throughout their communities. These departments depend on Mosio to help them disperse correct information, contact patients easily and find out more about pressing health concerns within the community. Now you can connect with individuals of all ages directly through their cell phones.

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Create a Hotline for Reporting Symptoms

A single text messaging line can serve as a place for citizens to report concerning symptoms from seasonal illnesses or during epidemics. Two-way chat features from Mosio let public health officials gain more information about who is sick, where they live and who they have come into contact with in the past few days in real-time. The hotline will remain safe and secure, giving individuals peace of mind in reporting their own symptoms or the symptoms of family, friends or acquaintances.

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Use TextChat for Supporting Individuals in Quarantine

Supporting quarantined individuals takes a great deal of live support when done in person. However, individuals who are mildly ill can use two-way text chatting through Mosio’s software to report changes, concerns or needs that they might have. This saves valuable resources and keeps public health personnel safe from infection. In addition, patients can feel that they are emotionally supported even when social distancing guidelines are in place.

Track Symptoms to Discover Health Trends

By tracking symptoms in patients throughout your community, you will be able to see health and disease trends, letting you better decide on health care tactics and public health measures that may help control the spread of disease. Easy questions that can be texted to individuals will let you rapidly collect new information and determine which local populations are the most vulnerable.

Keep the Public Informed with New Information

Simple but effective text messages from your public health department can stop misinformation and reduce panic throughout the community. By getting your texts scheduled ahead of time through Mosio’s software, you can reduce wasted time and better spend your department’s valuable resources elsewhere. You can set up a series of messages that will be automatically transmitted should disease outbreak in your community reach certain levels. You can also choose whether to send out surveys with these messages.

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