Google Calendar Text Reminders

(Outlook Reminders and Apple Calendar as Well)

Note: We are sunsetting this feature on September 1, 2023.

Send Text Message Appointment Reminders Using Your Existing Calendar Solution

Text messages are a proven method for reminding your research study participants about upcoming appointments and information required before they arrive at your office. At Mosio, we go a step further in providing effective text messaging solutions that integrate seamlessly web-based calendars, making our text message appointment reminders even more useful.

Mosio works with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar by converting your calendar invites to text messages without requiring direct integration. This makes it easy for your organization to deliver appointment reminders across a wide range of platforms. Mosio can supercharge your communication systems to help you reach out with reminders in the most practical way possible.

Mosio Does the Heavy Lifting for You

Rather than sending out hundreds of text messages to each of your study participants and subjects on a weekly or monthly basis, Mosio makes it easy for your research team to reach out with helpful reminders about required submissions and upcoming appointments.

By providing Google Calendar reminders and Outlook reminders, you can connect with your study participants using the tools they rely on every day.

This useful Mosio function can also integrate with CTMS, EDC and ePRO systems without the need for APIs or direct integration.

Mosio's Google Calendar Text Reminders

Replies Automatically Update Your Calendar

We ask study participants to reply to confirm or cancel their appointment with a Y (Yes) or N (No) response.

When they respond with a Y, we send a customizable call to action to get them the info they need to prepare for their appointment.

If they respond with a N, we’ll send them a different response and update your calendar.

Mosio's Text Message Appointment Reminders

Improves Study Staff Workflow Processes

We know how hard research coordinators work to keep studies moving forward. Our Development team designs software for them. Mosio created this feature after getting feedback from a study team that they needed a way to implement SMS appointment reminders into their existing calendaring system without integration.

We love Research Coordinators and know that for many, the feeling is mutual.

Mosio loves research coordinators.

Much More Than Appointment Reminders

We have research teams and departments who only use Mosio for Appointment Reminders and TextChat. We’re flattered they see value in two of our modules, but our software does so much more.

If you’re already communicating with your study participants via text messaging to remind them of appointments, you can usually add more Mosio modules at no extra cost.


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