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Quick Reference

Keywords: Setting up Mosio, getting started with Mosio, Mosio modules training, Mosio help guides

Start Here: Project Settings, Adding Logins, AutoResponders
Get set up with the basics.

Quick Start Video
Brief overview of the most popular modules.


Mosio Dashboard Overview
Research workflow automation starts here.

REDCap Direct

Keywords: Send REDCap links and invitations via text message with Mosio, Mosio’s Direct Plan, add texting to REDCap, Mosio texting within REDCap dashboard

Setting up REDCap Projects with Mosio

Creating REDCap Survey Invitations with Mosio

Schedule REDCap Alerts and Notifications

REDCap Direct Intro
(What, How and Where)

Ready to Go
(Getting started with REDCap Direct)

RCD License
(BAA, MSA, Security Reviews, etc.)

Find your API Key for REDCap
(Basic and Plus Plans)

Send Mobile (MMS) Images via REDCap
(Requires a Basic and Plus Plan)

REDCap Custom Integration Solutions
(Project-Based via Proposal)


Keywords: SMS surveys, data collection via SMS, Mosio surveys, sending nudges for survey completion, automatically schedule survey delivery via text message

Creating and Editing Surveys
Add or edit survey question content/settings.


Surveys – Unresponsive Participant Actions
Nudges, Notifications, Alerts, and Completions


Use Storylines to Deliver Surveys
Enroll participants for automated survey delivery.


Compliance Confirmation Reminders
Have participants reply to let you know they’ve completed an action.

Storylines (Automated Messaging)

Keywords: Automated scheduling of study text messages, send surveys on automated schedule, enroll participants into Mosio storyline, send automated text messages to improve study subject adherence, automated patient engagement messages, dosing reminders, schedule text-based interventions via SMS, personalize text messages in bulk

Creating and Editing Storylines
Add or edit Storyline messages/scheduling.


Storylines: Enroll and Monitor Participants
How to enroll participants into a Storyline.


Medication / Dosing Reminders
Improve medication adherence.


Moving a Participant from One Storyline to Another 
(Or adding them to an additional Storyline)


Duplicating/Copying a Storyline
(Or creating a new one)


Enrolling Participants/Patients in Person
(or on the phone)


Customizing Storylines
(Naming Storylines and Customizing Messages)

Personalizing Bulk Messages
(Form Field Customization)


Keywords: Two-way text messaging, interactive texting with subjects, Mosio text-chat, Mosio texting, two-way SMS with Mosio dashboard, auto responders, initiate texts with contacts, auto replying to text messages with Mosio

TextChat – Setting up Autoresponders
Even if (especially if) you don’t intend to use TextChat.


TextChat – Setting up the START Keyword
AKA “Text for Instructions” (TFI).
The automated message response when participants text START to your texting number.


TextChat – Initiating a TextChat via Contacts
Find a participant and send them a message, including with pre-configured templated messages.



Keywords: Managing study subjects, contact information, updating phone numbers, seeing text history for a subject, team notes about a participant, send a single appointment reminder to a subject

Send a Message to a Contact
Using Contacts and Quick Send

Use Contacts + TextChat to Send Gift Code Incentives
Manually sending gift code incentives (Amazon, etc.)


Appointment Reminders

Keywords: Text message appointment reminders, appointment reminder settings, bulk appointment reminders, Y and No confirmation replies, upload appointments via CSV file

Appointment Reminders – Single
Schedule a single appointment reminder.


Appointment Reminders – Bulk
Schedule bulk reminders via CSV file.


Appointment Reminder Settings
Content, reminders and staff notifications.


Keywords: Send a text message group alert, text message newsletter, send a message to all subjects, study recruitment text messages, notify study subjects of information

Text Alerts Lists
Schedule and send Alerts to a list.


Incentives (Gift Codes)

Keywords: Send gift codes via text message for study incentives. Schedule single messages to subjects with Amazon gift codes, use Mosio QuickSend feature to initiate a text with a participant

Sending Gift Code Incentives
Manually sending gift code incentives (Amazon, etc.)


Extra Features

Keywords: Personalize messages to subjects with custom text fields, custom survey links via SMS, make automated text messages more human-like, improve subject engagement with personalized text messaging

Form Field
How to personalize messages to participants/patients.