Ecological Momentary Assessment Surveys via Text Message

Unlock the power of real-time insights and enhanced participant engagement in your research with Mosio’s automated texting solutions for EMA surveys.

Real-Time Data Collection

Facilitate real-time data acquisition, enhancing response precision and mirroring the immediate states or actions of participants.

Schedule Reminders on Autopilot

Send scheduled reminders to participants to complete assessments, improving response rates and adherence to the study protocol without study team members needing to manually communicate.

Personalize Communications

Customize individual message elements to humanize communications with your study subjects rather than sending cold, robotic messaging.

Augment Your REDCap EMA Functions

If you’re using REDCap for EMA, Mosio makes it easy so you can randomize message send times.

Randomize Content Delivery Scheduling

Schedule messages to be sent randomly between two daily time points.

Gather Interactive Feedback

Offer interactive feedback to participants, which can increase engagement and motivation to continue participating in the study. With Mosio you also have access to “TextChat” functions where you can communicate with subjects the same way they do their friends and family.

Integrate Your Communications and Data

Facilitate the integration of EMA data with other data sources, such as wearable health devices, for more comprehensive study design options.

Scale Your Studies

Allows for the easy scaling of studies, from small pilot studies to large-scale research projects, without significant increases in cost or complexity.

Reduce Recall Bias

Minimizes the recall bias typically associated with retrospective self-reports, leading to more accurate data collection.

Time-Stamped Responses

Records the exact time when responses are given, providing valuable data on patterns and fluctuations in behaviors or symptoms over the course of a day or in specific contexts.

Maintain Data Security and Compliance

Mosio is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. We cover data security and compliance with privacy laws and ethical guidelines, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the research and protecting participant information.

Multi-Language Support

Offer the ability to send texts in multiple languages, making the study accessible to a more diverse participant pool and improving inclusivity in research.