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Text messaging is one of the most powerful data collection methods, either by collecting data directly through SMS surveys or using text messaging as a method of delivering links and reminding participants to complete them.

Whether you want to deploy text message surveys or simply use text messaging as a way to remind volunteers to complete surveys/diaries/journals on apps, the web, or paper, Mosio helps you achieve greater levels of success in collecting your data when you need it, consistently.

Text Message Surveys and Data Collection

Mosio enables you to configure and deploy text message surveys for data collection or as part of the process for qualifying and recruiting participants for studies without having to download any software. Our Storyline Alerts™ feature enables you to easily schedule a series of days/times to automatically send surveys.

All types of survey response formats are available, including Y/N, A-E multiple-choice and user-defined character sets for quality of life (QOL) and study surveys. Since 90% of mobile phone users read a text message within 3 minutes, the text message is the most effective method to ensure patient compliance and consistent data collection in your study surveys.

Need to integrate with REDCap or other EDC systems? Our development team has the proper experience to work with third-party vendors to meet the technical requirements of your study.

Data Entry and Survey Completion Reminders

Sometimes sending the survey isn’t enough; participants need a gentle nudge. Mosio customizes text message reminders for incomplete surveys, whether those surveys are conducted on our platform or anywhere else. These reminders can be a part of your survey module functions or can be used as an effective reminder for participants to complete surveys on paper, mobile app, or website.

Although diaries may be filled out on another mobile device or online, the text message reminder is an effective way to ensure patient compliance and completion of ePROs. Reminders can be automated on a schedule-based timeline or triggered through non-completion events.

Incentives and Rewards for Survey Completion

Offer real-time incentives for taking action by deploying gift codes and rewards to participants who successfully complete surveys. Mosio handles the heavy lifting so gift codes are only used once and then discarded to avoid confusion and frustration.

We’ll offer guidance based on your study type and protocol, in order to achieve maximum success.

mPIN™: Verify Study Participants

Ensure your study participants are the ones receiving your messages or responding to survey questions.

At the beginning of the project, the study staff enroll participants into the Mosio system and ask them for an easy-to-remember PIN, which becomes the participant’s mPIN™. Staff then explain that at certain points in the study (a private message, survey, questionnaire, etc), participants will be required to respond with a PIN via text message before messages (or series of survey questions) are sent.

mPIN Details

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