Use Text-Based Solutions to Control COVID and Other Outbreaks

As a public health agency, you are responsible for the ongoing health of those within your community. However, this can seem difficult to handle using traditional contact tracing and notification methods. With text-based solutions from Mosio, you can trace at-risk individuals in your community, help them know if they need to seek further care and support public health initiatives already in place.

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Two Main Reasons Public Health Agencies Choose Mosio

Flexibility and Customization

Each community and public health program is different. Our platform provides flexibility without complexity.

Multi-Member Households

Mosio lets you send custom text messages for different household members through a single mobile number.

Complete Support from Mosio

Mosio offers you the assistance and support you need to get your public health program set up quickly during these challenging times.

In addition, we can often integrate our own text-based solutions with your existing programs (we are REDCap experts) to create a seamless transition for your community.

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Track Daily Symptoms

Mosio offers you a flexible text-based system that can do what you need. Using your own messages that can be scheduled for specific times, you can ask individuals to alert you to new symptoms they may be facing.

Our platform allows you to set up groups for contact tracing, confirmed cases, or another type of cohort to serve messaging valuable to the group.

Text-based symptom reporting also helps you track where the virus may be spreading in your community so that you can alert others.

Pinpoint At-Risk Individuals

To face an evolving threat to public health, such as COVID-19, it is vital to have modern tools at your disposal to deploy a contact tracing/monitoring strategy.

When you use mobile sources that most people already have to identify at-risk individuals in your community, you can now gather real-time data to help make critical decisions.

The Mosio platform is used by health departments across the country as a preferred mobile solution.

Contain Disease Safely

As you track symptoms through your text-based program, you can take steps to contain the disease through automated response management.

When a response indicates a newly confirmed case, our platform can be configured to automatically move the individual out of a monitoring group to a confirmed case group. This provides messaging specific to their needs, when they need it and without manual intervention from your staff.

Your staff can also receive real-time email alerts triggered by specific responses, a critical step for contact tracing when new exposures need to be contacted as quickly as possible.

Support Public Health Initiatives

As a disease changes over time, new methods of control and treatment are published by your public health agency in conjunction with government agencies.

Simple text messages can provide individuals with the useful information they need to make smart decisions for themselves.

A series of messages can teach individuals how to care for themselves and how to protect their neighbors and loved ones.

Add Future Programs with Ease

Mosio offers flexible texting solutions that can work in a myriad of situations.

Even when COVID-19 is no longer a problem, you will still be able to use our system to roll out new or existing public health programs with ease.

Refer for Health Care Immediately

If individuals respond with concerning symptoms, you can use two-way texting to let them know what they should do next.

Or you can configure auto-responses to direct them to take specific action or provide a phone number for assistance.

TextChat provides support specific to the needs of those in your community, saving public health agency resources while keeping others safe.

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