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Automate your messages, survey delivery, and personalize content for each participant. Take advantage of a “set it and forget it” approach to your study communications, improving engagement and adherence in your research.

Experience Storylines on your Phone

Your Study Communications on Autopilot

While you’re using the most popular channel on the mobile phone, you may as well be automating the way you use it.

Storylines enable you to pre-schedule a series of messages or surveys, with each participant starting on their own day 0.

It is used to deliver surveys or ePRO diaries on specific days/times, as part of text-based interventions, or in automated coordinator check-ins to improve engagement.

A Storyline can be created so every participant in a group gets the same message or survey at the same time, or created specifically for each participant.

Improve Adherence and Engagement

Storylines let you be extremely versatile in your message flow.

They are used to remind patients to take medicine, take action, and to reduce study staff workflow by automating communications such as interventions and check-ins.

Once configured, researchers only need to enter them into the system once, the Mosio system does the rest.

Personalize Messages with Mosio’s Form Field™

Many studies have 100 participants or more, increasing the difficulty in personalizing the subject experience.

Mosio’s Form Field™ technology enables you to save pre-determined “data slots” in messages that auto-fill when the messages are sent.

They can be used to call participants by name, have a message include a coordinator name, inject specific study details into a message, or dynamically update content over time, across messages, with a single field change.

Automated Coordinator Check-Ins

In research, we’re in the people business. How subjects feel they’re being treated in a study makes a difference in their engagement.

Automated Coordinator Check-Ins let you pre-schedule messages over time, improving the personal touch in your communications without adding more tasks to study staff to do lists.

Initiate Messaging Flows from External Systems

We’ve always said we play well with others. If you’re using third party software or hardware to collect data or manage your research project, there’s a good chance Mosio can connect with that software to initiate Storyline messaging, automatically.

We work with a handful of systems, including REDCap, Medrio, and Fitbit.

If you’re using EDC or ePRO software and would like to see how Mosio can improve adherence and engagement in your studies, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can integrate.

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