Text Message Surveys

Mosio for Research enables you to send SMS surveys for data collection or for qualifying and recruiting patients for studies without having to download any software. Various types of response formatting are available, including multiple choice and user-defined character sets.

97% of mobile phone users read texts within 15 minutes, making text messaging the perfect method to improve compliance and data collection efforts in your studies.

Gather Patient Satisfaction and Automate Check-Ins

The best way to improve patient-centricity in your clinical studies is to learn about their personal experiences in your trials.

With Mosio you can deploy a timed SMS survey to determine patient satisfaction information and make improvements in the short and long terms with your studies.

ePRO and Study Data Collection

Mosio makes data collection a seamless task by offering text message solutions that conveniently prompt participants to complete Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) or SMS surveys.

Immediate data collection via Electronic Data Capture (EDC) helps clients have access to their invaluable study data on the go.

Mosio integrates with third-party EDC software (Medrio, DSG, REDCap, etc) to improve adherence in data collection for external systems.

Simple Survey Creation

Getting up and running is easy. Click, copy, and paste your content into the editor.

You can customize error and thank you responses, and program “nudge” reminders for unresponsive participants to help ensure you get your data.

Pre-Qualification Surveys

Mosio has designed short, effective text message pre-qualification surveys for potential trial participants.

These can seamlessly be followed up by a live Interactive TextChat with a researcher to ask additional pre-qualification questions or to begin a phone call for necessary study details.

Research coordinators save time not having to make cold calls, and the surveys can be taken at any time of day and with the privacy of the patient’s personal device, from wherever they are.

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