Mosio improves adherence, engagement, and data collection in behavioral research through interactive, automated text messaging software.


Automated Reminders, Interventions, and Data Gathering

Through behavioral research, it’s possible to learn about the many variables that form the decisions people make. This is a particular asset to organizations looking to implement strategies appealing directly to their desired customers or governmental organizations aiming to better understand its citizens and social psychologists aiming to learn more about their clients, to name a few applications.

Variation in Data Collection Efforts

Mosio’s data collection varies according to the user’s needs. Mosio is effective in establishing a strong consensus through close-ended questions. If you’re looking to gain a little bit more information, our text message questionnaires can also cater towards more open-ended lines of questioning as well as more interview-based functionality that enables more specific follow up questions and tailor-suited insights.

The beauty of Mosio’s text message-based surveying comes from the fact that the data is automatically collected and converted into easy-to-follow charts in real-time. This means that users can conduct questionnaires or interviews in their own time, or during audience-based events to chart responses and interact with audiences more effectively.

Effectiveness in Convenience

The “mobile first” manner in which Mosio allows the collection of data means that it’s possible to build a wealth of data on behavioral research in a way that ensures the subjects are as comfortable as possible.

Answers arrive in real-time and are collated into live charts that help to provide a clear picture of a wide-reaching audience – thus helping to gain a comprehensive understanding of participants in an efficient manner.

More Time for Other Research Tasks

Unless it is a necessity of your study’s functions, there is no reason you should have to conduct any manual communications in your projects when they can be automated. There is no better way to do this than with text messaging and SMS happens to be the way most people want to communicate.

Mosio gives you more time to focus on the rest of your to-do list, which we know is very long in research. Pre-schedule the series of messages to be sent, including nudges to ensure participants complete their tasks, and let the software handle the rest.

In those times where you need to communicate in real-time with your study subjects, our TextChat module enables you to do so significantly faster than with a mobile phone.

↖️ Using automated coordinator check-ins, you can pre-plan your messages in advance and inject study coordinator names into the messages for a personal touch.

Surveys and Interventions Based on Custom Time Frames

Mosio recognizes that time plays a significant role in study communications, whether it be in interventions or the data you’re able to collect, and so we offer messaging functions catering to your custom protocol needs.

For interventions, the Mosio system enables researchers to start messaging programs/campaigns on an individual basis, with each participant starting on their own timeline, providing you with flexibility in your study recruitment, which offering a personalized approach to your communications.

For data collection, short, cross-sectional surveys can effectively utilize questionnaires to provide results surrounding a specific topic at a single point in time. This practice helps researchers to identify the relationship between two, or more, variable subjects at the time of asking.

However, Mosio also caters well towards more longitudinal surveys which are primed to gather information over a considerably longer period of time – or from one point in time to another. This method can monitor the changing attitudes of a subject to, say smoking during their attempt to quit, for instance.

Typically used in cohort studies, panel studies, and trend studies, Mosio is an excellent asset for researchers aiming to build a comprehensive picture of their subjects.

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Surveys and Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) Messaging

Gather survey data or deliver interventions from participants during their normal day to day living. All types of survey responses can be configured in Mosio, accessible via every participant mobile phone, no apps to download. You simply provide the content, randomization requirements, and any other communication needs you have.

You can send links to audio or video and Mosio enables you to embed custom snippets of information into messages, personalizing the experience for your participants.

Automate Your Research Communications