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University / Hospital / Public Health
$99 / month

1 Project / Site
All Modules Included
Dedicated Texting Number (US/Canada)
2 Logins
Up to 2,000 outbound messages
$499 Assisted Setup Fee (required for new users)

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University / Hospital / Public Health
$199 / month

1 Project / Site
All Modules Included
Dedicated Texting Number (US/Canada)

Up to 25 Logins

Up to 5,000 Outbound Messages
Assisted Setup ($499-$999)

Configuration for High Volume Texting
Eligible for Custom Configuration
Discount on Multi-Site Setups
Future Project Discounting

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Pharmaceutical / Device / Organizations
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Perfect for…
Pharmaceutical / Device Clinical Trials
Multiple Projects/Sites
Projects with more than 500 Participants
Third-Party Integrations (EDC, ePRO, CTMS)
International Studies
Organizations looking to use Mosio across multiple projects.

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“Mosio has been invaluable for communicating with our research subjects. We use it to recruit, schedule (and reschedule) appointments, collect survey responses and to keep in touch with our subjects between study visits. In an era when fewer and fewer people answer phone calls or check voicemail messages, Mosio's text messaging services have saved us an enormous amount of time and effort in our clinical research studies. I can't imagine running a study without it!”

Andrea G. Gillman, PhDResearch Program Manager, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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Scheduled Messaging (Storylines)

Message Templates

Auto Responders

Mobile Photos/Emojis

Contacts (CSV Upload)

Custom Fields

Multi-Language Support

Voice Forwarding

Engagement Meter

Automated Coordinator Check-ins


Appointment Reminders

Adherence Reminders

Custom Fields

iCal Calendar integration (Outlook, Google Cal)

ePRO Completion Reminders



Automated Scheduling

CSV Import/Export

Mobile Photos/Emojis

Nudge Reminders


Direct Data Export (API)


Real-Time Results

Data Export (CSV)

Message Delivery Reports

Participant Text History

Inbound/Outbound Messages

Data Transfer Agreement

Data Processing Addendum


HIPAA Compliant

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant


Security Appraisal

“Mosio has been a vital part of our project's design over the past two years. We have leaned greatly on their knowledgeable staff to troubleshoot tech issues, as well as customize our daily text surveys. By design, our project's text surveys are complex, and Mosio's team was up for the challenge. We are deeply grateful for their expertise, and would highly recommend them to others.”

Jennifer CopelandRegistered Nurse, Duke University Health System


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle privacy and data security? Are you HIPAA compliant?

Mosio is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Our company focuses specifically on clinical research and public health programs. We are willing to sign a BAA, answer your IT/compliance security questions and will provide our data security assessment to you.

What type of projects are best for using Mosio?

Mosio is great for any type of clinical research project or clinical trial where it is important to have high subject engagement and adherence. Any study where you’re looking to improve adherence and data collections with automated messaging.

Can Mosio be used for public health projects, such as case and symptoms tracking?

Yes, we serve a number of organizations and public health departments in this regard. Most recently we are helping a number of clients on COVID-19-related programs and studies.

Do participants need to download an app? Do we have to use our phones?

Participants DO NOT need to download a mobile app. Mosio uses the text messaging feature on their phone, available on 99% of mobile phones. The software is web-based, so all project staff manage communications from our software, hosted securely in the cloud on HIPAA-compliant servers.

Texting is the Quickest Way to Improve Your Study Communications


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How does Mosio compare to using a regular business texting service, Google Voice, or our own phones?

Along with meeting all of the privacy and data security requirements in clinical research and healthcare, Mosio has been designed with your study team’s workflow in mind. We don’t just automate text messaging communications, we do so with study goals in mind.

Can you use it for international studies taking place in multiple countries?

Yes, we have global coverage for one-way text messaging communications. We have two-way connectivity in over 50 countries. If your clinical trial is taking place in multiple countries, please send us a list and we’ll provide a price list for access.

“Mosio has become a valuable asset in how I approach challenges with retention. In my capacity as a Project Director for a NIMH-funded project, Mosio’s integrated texting platform allowed me to increase retention rates by more than 30%. In addition to increasing retention, the platform is user friendly and downloadable to workable formats. Mosio was such a useful tool, I decided to utilize it while working for Baylor College of Medicine to increase retention for one of our research studies here. This is an amazing service and I intend to work with them for years to come.”

Timothy BrownMPH, Baylor College of Medicine

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