Text Messaging Improves Behavioral Research
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3 Ways Text Messaging Improves Behavioral Science Research

3 Ways Text Messaging Improves Behavioral Science Research We've talked quite a bit about how text messaging software complements clinical trials, many of which are pharmaceutical or device-based. But what about social science…
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Text Messaging and Wearables in Clinical Trials: Two great technologies that go well together

There's been a growing buzz around the use of wearable devices in clinical research...And for good reason! These types of devices have the potential to change the game, from the type of data we're collecting, to the way we're collecting…
Global Patient Engagement via Text Messaging
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Increase Patient Engagement in 48 Countries with Mosio's True Two-Way Text Messaging™

What is True Two-Way Text Messaging™? Many mobile messaging companies claim that they have global text messaging capabilities. While it may be technically accurate, in many cases it requires the end user to text to a UK long code, incurring…
12 of our Favorite REDCap Tips
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12 of Our Favorite REDCap Tips

12 of Our Favorite REDCap Tips As Mosio Development team looks for new ways to integrate our service and assist our partners, we find that we keep coming back to the REDCap training and tips posts. We've compiled some great sources for…
Mosio Integrates With REDCap Text Messaging
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11 Ways Text Messaging Makes REDCap Data Capture Software Even More Powerful

11 Ways Text Messaging Makes REDCap Data Capture Software Even More Powerful  Many of us recognize REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture software), created and managed by Vanderbilt University, as a leading tool for building and managing…
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Text Messaging: The Ultimate Tool for BYOD in Clinical Trials

"Bring your own device", or BYOD, is becoming a new trend in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and investigators are starting to realize the ease and utility that BYOD brings to trial planning and operation. In a recent study by Icon, the…
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Six Ways to Use Texting to Provide Patient-Centered Care

As team members in research sites, we all want to keep our patients abundantly happy. Without our patients, we have nothing in the clinical trial process. In order to recruit patients and keep them coming back, patient-centered care is a practice…
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Journal of the International AIDS Society Study Leverages Mosio's Technology

The Journal of the International AIDS Society study leverages Mosio's Technology for text message surveys to assess HIV sexual transmission risks. The JIAS reported study, done in conjunction with the University of Connecticut was published…
Mobile Phone Surveys
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8 Reasons to Research Client Feedback With Mobile Phone Surveys

Before you next seek client satisfaction feedback at your agency or private practice, take a look at these eight reasons to consider using mobile phone surveys. Wide Availability – With an estimated 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions…
Patient recruitment for clinical trials
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Mosio CEO on The Clinical Trials Guru – Clinical Trial Recruitment and Text Messaging

Volunteer recruitment and patient recruitment for clinical trials continue to be one of the biggest challenges in clinical research, especially in finding qualified candidates within the scheduled study timelines and budgets. The Clinical Trials…