11 Ways Text Messaging Makes REDCap Data Capture Software Even More Powerful in 2023

In this post, we will explore how text messaging can make REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture software) even more powerful in 2023. REDCap is a secure, web-based data collection software created and managed by Vanderbilt University, often utilized by research clients who want to create successful, organized, and efficient projects. We will discuss how two-way text messaging software can be integrated with REDCap in various ways, including surveys, alerts, reminders, text-based interventions, collecting data via mobile photos, motivating and retaining study participants, delivering incentives, and triggering text messages from third-party software or devices. These tips will help you better engage with study participants and ensure a higher response rate for your research projects.

Mosio works with many clients to integrate its two-way text messaging software for research into REDCap. Whether you are a REDCap Admin, Developer at your organization looking for new ideas, or a research team looking for interesting ways to integrate text messaging into your research projects via REDCap, we hope you’ll find a nugget or two in the list below. At the bottom of the post, we share links to two separate offerings we have (REDCap Direct and REDCap Integration Services).

11 Ways Text Messaging Makes Your REDCap-Utilized Studies Even More Powerful


SMS surveys sent to study participants makes collecting data easy and efficient. Patients can respond to survey questions via text with a simple alphanumerical response, Y or N (yes or no) or create their own free response. A text message is a hassle-free way to eliminate common multi-step processes (sending participants a paper or e-mail survey to mail back to study coordinator) that make patients less likely to respond.

  • Link-to-Survey Text: Text messaging also gives you the option to send participants a link to a more in-depth, web-based SMS surveys. Since most mobile device users utilize smart phones with web access, it’s easy to click on your text link and complete the survey right then and there.
  • Survey Reminders: To further ensure a response, you have the option to send an automated message if the survey hasn’t been completed within a certain time frame. This extra step can increase participant responses, increasing your overall data collection.

Automated Text Message Alerts

By utilizing automated text message alerts, you can effectively communicate with either a sizable audience or specific individuals. These alerts are a great way to attract participants or publicize your research project. You have the flexibility to send out widespread or selective alerts, based on your study’s demographics. Additionally, alerts can be used to disseminate crucial information to all individuals involved in a particular study.


Sending text-based reminders can assist in keeping your study participants organized and on schedule. You can utilize these reminders to prompt participants to attend appointments, take medications, track their statistics, write in their journals, and perform at-home self-testing.

  • Appointment Reminders: Appointment reminders delivered via text message have the ability to drastically reduce missed appointments. Voicemail and e-mail reminders can often go unchecked until it’s too late. A text reminder increases the chance of your appointment reminder being seen, noted, and followed-up.
  • Medication Adherence Reminders: Patient medication adherence is extremely important in producing accurate study results. Sending out a text reminder is a non-intrusive way to remind patients to take their medication. You also have the option to take your text a step further by asking patients to respond with a simple alphanumerical character if they have taken their medication on that particular day. Increased patient medication compliance leads to more accurate data for your study.
  • Study Compliance Reminders: The success of a study depends heavily on patient compliance. Although researchers put a great deal of effort into designing the study protocol, it ultimately relies on the participation of individuals. Text messaging is an effective way to boost compliance by directly engaging participants. SMS reminders, alerts, and updates make it easier for participants to stay on track and follow study protocols. By providing timely advice and support, text messaging helps participants feel guided and supported, which encourages adherence to the study’s requirements.
11 Ways Text Messaging Enhances REDCap - Presentation (PDF Download)

11 Ways Text Messaging Enhances REDCap – Presentation (PDF Download)

Text-Based Interventions

The timing and content of messages are determined by your study protocol. Different stages of your study may require specific actions from your participants, and timed text messages can serve as a helpful intervention to inform them of any necessary changes (such as adjusting medication dosage or making lifestyle modifications). In addition, text messages can inform patients of testing results and prompt them to make adjustments based on those results.

Collect Data via Mobile Photos

Mobile photo messaging provides an alternative means of collecting crucial data. While it may not fully replace in-person site visits or appointments, it can be an effective substitute in certain situations. Participants can be requested to send photos in response to text messages, such as images of their medications to ensure adherence, snapshots of their health or symptom-tracking journals, or even at-home test results like vital signs or blood glucose readings.

Motivate and Retain Study Participants

Sending texts to research study participants can provide them with essential encouragement and continuous motivation. By sending a text, you can show your appreciation for their valuable contribution to the study, as participants volunteer their time, energy, and health to advance clinical research. Letting them know that their dedication is making a positive impact can keep them motivated and engaged in the study.

Deliver Incentives

Provide study participants with gift codes of your choice via SMS text to reward them for their participation. Sending a gift code via text makes the reward easily and immediately accessible. You can offer incentives for completing surveys on time, attending appointments, submitting photographic data, or fulfilling any other important study requirements.

Text Messages Triggered from 3rd party Software or Devices

Innovative solutions arise from the integration of data collection software, text messaging, and third-party applications. You can send text messages to remind subjects to sync their wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, or blood pressure monitors. Direct-to-patient services in labs and testing facilities allow for automatic text notifications to inform subjects about their blood test results or testing outcomes. Text messaging enables quick and efficient information and data sharing.
While we’ve brought up 11 ways text messaging can enhance and integrate with REDCap and research data collection software, the options are limitless. We encourage both current and potential clients to get creative in thinking of ways to integrate text messaging with their own unique study goals.

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