Photo by Kyle Martin on Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Martin on Unsplash

The Ways Mosio’s Text Messaging Benefits REDCap Software

The expression “we go together like peanut butter and chocolate” really does ring true when referring to our work with REDCap partners. Short for Research Electronic Data Capture, REDCap was developed by Vanderbilt University as a prominent tool for creating and managing online surveys and databases. Many of our research clients use this software to create organized and successful projects, and when we integrate our two-way messaging functions into REDCap, the software becomes even more powerful. Check out these innovative benefits to integrating Mosio’s mobile messaging programs into REDCap Software.

Engage In Two-Way, Interactive Text Messaging
With our two-way TextChat, you can receive and respond to text messages from participants in real time. TextChat is perfect for support during the study and ongoing communications.

Schedule Alerts
Mosio’s alerts capability encourages study coordinators to send prescheduled or real-time alerts. The alerts can inform participants of study details, testing results, and important changes. The alerts are also great to use during study recruitment.

Automated Text-Based Interventions
Our storylines allow study coordinators to create many surveys and messages that can be used for medication reminders, pre-scheduled surveys, automatic coordinator checkins, and motivated messaging. These text-based interventions are timed.

Collect Data Via Text Message and Mobile Web Surveys
Many of our research clients love that they can easily collect data from participants simply by sending them a convenient SMS text message survey. Participants also love these text-based surveys because they can quickly and easily respond with a Y or N or compose their own response. These hassle-free, text-based surveys sure do beat sending participants an email or paper survey.

Send Friendly Reminders
One of the easiest ways to ensure that your participants always stay on track is to send friendly reminders.

– Appointment Reminders: Text-based appointment reminders have been shown to drastically decrease the number of missed appointments whereas voicemail and email reminders often go unnoticed and unchecked.

– Survey Reminders: The success of any clinical trial requires that participants actually complete the surveys. Text messaging can gently remind participants to complete surveys if they aren’t completed in a certain time frame.

– Medication Adherence: There must be optimal patient medication adherence to produce precise clinical trial results. time-based medication reminder is a great way to respectfully encourage patients to take their medication.

Send Text Message Triggers From 3rd Party Software and Devices
Mosio enables you to send text messages to remind participants to sync their wearable devices. These wearable devices may include fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and/or heart rate monitors.

Deliver Gift Codes
Gone are the days where participants had to pick up their incentives/stipends at the study site or via mail. Our SMS text messaging software offers you the opportunity to instantly reward participants with gift codes of your choice.

Mosio Makes REDCap A Better Overall Experience!
Whenever REDCap partners work with the Mosio team, some truly innovative things happen.

The primary goal of these amazing benefits of Mosio’s integration into REDCap software is enhanced participant engagement, retention, data collection efforts, adherence, and compliance in your research. If you would like to know more about the integration of Mosio’s text-messaging functions into REDCap software, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation. We offer discounts for REDCap Admin teams who would like to use our service across multiple studies.

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