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Seniors And Text Messaging In Clinical Trials
Communicating with senior citizens is most likely an important part of your marketing or research campaigns. Surprisingly, a growing number of people in this demographic currently use smartphones with text messaging. Read on to see the exact numbers and to discover how this knowledge can translate into power for you.

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Social Media Marketing for Patient Recruitment
Clinical trials depend on high numbers of participants to meet their goals. An up-and-coming way of meeting participation and timeline goals is through social media. With so many individuals of all ages spending over two hours daily on social media, these sites may be able to give you the exposure you need for reaching interested users while building trust in your brand.

Social Listening for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment
The ability to listen carefully and well will always set you apart in life. As a sponsor attempting to run solid clinical trials focused listening is just as important. Paying attention to people’s comments on social media, including the negative comments, and carefully viewing the social media outlets of your competitors will show you what you can change to become more engaging.

What Exactly Is A Virtual Clinical Trial?
The world seems to have turned to technology to solve many of its most pressing problems, and clinical trials are no exception. Virtual reality has now made it into the health care research sector and has shown great results wherever it has been used. Read on to discover more about virtual clinical trials, the challenges associated with this technology and the future of patient-facing research.

Accelerating the drive toward patient-centricity
The pharmaceutical industry has long relied on the same methods to market its products and reach out to consumers. However, its relevance may be limited if it continues to rely on out-dated methods. Today, patients value on-demand services and expect more from their pharmacies and from the pharmaceutical brands they choose. This article shows how to make some difficult but needful changes.

The Future of Clinical Trials is ‘Digital’ and ‘Patient-Centric’
A focus on patient-centricity ensures that brands are listening to the voice of real consumers. Although patient-centric clinical trials may seem a bit unconventional, they can actually produce better outcomes as patients are able to communicate more effectively with researchers. According to this article, increasing amounts of money are being spent on this market, especially in developing countries, such as those in South Asia.

What will it take to improve recruitment for clinical trials?
Convenience has been and will remain one of the keys to improving patient engagement in clinical trials. In order to find the precise client pools that researchers need for increasingly specific treatments, trial sponsors must ensure that they keep the process as simple as possible, such as by focusing on convenient, reimbursed travel arrangements. Here you can discover a few tips for easing the financial burden of travel on your participants.

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