Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

REDCap and Mosio Use Cases: 36 Lines about 18 Users

  1. Susan sends REDCap survey links via SMS, on autopilot. She can also send friendly nudge reminders to ensure survey completion.
  2. Mary uses Mosio to collect data via text message. After the data is collected, she can then export or import the important information into REDCap in real time.
  3. Kathleen loves that she can send prescheduled messages. She can even personalize the messages with custom details and names.
  4. Brenda had no problem interacting with patients through the two-way text messaging capability on our secure, web-based interface.  She found that sending texts to participants was easy since it’s the same way she communicates with family and friends.
  5. Mark uses our platform to deploy text-based medication and dosing reminders for patients. Thankfully, these friendly nudges ensure study compliance.
  6. Gloria had much success with obtaining mobile photos in surveys for data collection.
  7. Andrew was extremely satisfied when he was able to create triggers from the REDCap events in our system to automatically run our text messaging programs.
  8. Frank likes that he can automate interventions with text message. He also likes that our storyline modules encourage each patient to start on their own day 0.
  9. Pauline discovered that her patients were able to complete study-based actions like journal entries if they received automated reminders through our system. She was also able to confirm completion by sending a text message to her patients.
  10. Rhonda is finally able to communicate more efficiently and effectively without using a lot of resources from old methods.
  11. Judy trusts our platform to schedule SMS messaging appointment reminders by using data sets inside of the REDCap system.
  12. Jackie thought scheduling a series of text-based individual and group alerts was a great idea, and she sends the alerts with emojis, texts, and links.
  13. Karen appreciates the fact that she can pre-schedule messages such as interventions, reminders, alerts, and surveys through simple automation.
  14. Mary Ellen was able to send gentle text message reminders through REDCap when activities are not completed in the system. She enjoyed when our programs were integrated based on REDCap data field info.
  15. Jean-Marie likes that can deliver incentives and stipends as gift codes to study participants after a survey, site visit, or another action has been completed.
  16. Mimi easily runs a good amount of messaging from inside of REDCap.  She found that this convenient capability reduces the amount of time that he is logged into other software like Mosio. She also loves that the many actions can be set up inside of REDcap and message monitoring can occur within the Mosio system.
  17. Anna often sends text messages based on events that occur within the third party software. She likes that additional integrations can include wearable devices.
  18. Mark benefits from many different next generation mobile messaging functions that run on REDCap. He appreciates that these functions were developed and managed by Mosio who are experts in research participant communications.

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