Mosio Announces Customizable COVID-19 Tracking and Monitoring for Public Health Agencies

Mosio recently announced its newly updated text message-based COVID-19 tracking and monitoring systems that are ideal for public health agencies of all sizes. With a focus on tracking symptoms and monitoring outbreaks as well as containing contagious diseases and helping at-risk individuals find appropriate health care, Mosio helps public health departments automate communications and provide more personalized care and resources for the individuals they serve.

Mosio has been working with public health departments across the United States to manage and control the spread of COVID-19 with text messaging-based tracking solutions since March 2020. It has now expanded the solution to provide more customization and flexibility, including the ability to communicate with multiple members in a household through a single mobile number.

Mosio’s solutions can be used in numerous ways, including pinpointing at-risk individuals and tracking daily symptoms. Automated daily messages give participants a way to alert public health departments to concerning symptoms, letting professionals gather real-time data in their communities while watching for potential outbreaks.

Two-way texting solutions also let health departments easily refer individuals for immediate health care, pointing them to testing facilities and health care facilities in their own communities. Through contact tracing and containment interventions via text, public health departments can use Mosio’s intelligence system to support the public health initiatives that are unique to their neighborhoods. Agencies can give participants the support that they need, arm them with the newest information so that they can stay safe and educate residents about COVID-19 and how they can care for their health through simple, automated communication channels.

Mosio has focused on real-time solutions for clinical research, public health, wellness helplines and much more since its establishment. The company understands how the needs of the healthcare and research industries are constantly changing and ensures that it continues to provide helpful and easy-to-use communication techniques that are designed to meet the unique needs of clients in the space.

Noel Chandler, Mosio CEO, states, “Text messaging is the perfect technology to help public health agencies communicate efficiently with their communities, especially during a pandemic. Most public health officials contacting us now are doing so because making voice phone calls are creating time and resource strains on their departments and staff. They need a more efficient way to communicate.”

“Whether through notifications and alerts or for data collection, our system improves communications on mobile phones, the device people always have with them. We’re proud to be able to offer Mosio to public health and research teams, helping them track and manage COVID-19 and other outbreaks on mobile’s most popular channel,” Chandler added.

Mosio offers a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to the needs of any public health department. Symptom-reporting hotlines, TextChat features for socially distanced communication and automated educational texts and reminders helps agencies reach even more people in their communities than ever before.

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About Mosio
Mosio enables public health agencies and clinical researchers to improve engagement, adherence, communications, and data collection on mobile’s most popular channel: text messaging. Its secure, web-based software makes clients more efficient in how they communicate with patients through messaging automation and interactive elements delivered to user mobile phones.