Note: Our ongoing blog series about SMS use cases are inspired from inquiries we’re getting from clients asking about how text messaging can be best used during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our sincere hope that your organization is already using SMS to communicate. If so, we hope these posts provide you with helpful information on the ways to best use text messaging during these times.

Case Workflow for Tracking and Monitoring COVID-19 with Text Messaging

Answering the call to assist clients in their approach to setting up a process for tracking COVID-19 cases and monitoring exposure, we (thanks Jesse!) put together a workflow chart to help drive decisions on what message and data flow can look like in deploying a solution.

Please note, this is an internal document for the Mosio system. If you are using another text messaging service, your own in-house solution, or text messaging with REDCap, you may have different approaches to achieving the same results. If you have questions or want clarity on how this can be done with what you’re currently using, feel free to contact us, we’re here to help.

Download the Workflow

Click on the image below for a larger size or you can download the PDF here.

Key Elements

New Cases
Results from testing are analyzed and organized for input into the system.

Confirmed cases and/or exposures are added to the system for tracking.

Case Tracking
Surveys send on pre-defined schedule to track symptoms and personal contact.

Exposure Monitoring
Surveys send on pre-defined schedule to track symptoms and personal contact.

Results reviewed in real time to follow up on symptoms and new exposure cases.

Click Image to Download Workflow

Using an Existing Text Messaging Provider

It is important to get your texting capabilities set up quickly to deal with the rapid spread of coronavirus throughout your community. If you are already using a text messaging service, we hope the above provides you with some additional information about how you can better leverage that service. The good news is that you’re already up and running.

Need Assistance?

If you’re not using a text messaging service yet or whatever you’re using doesn’t have the above capabilities, contact us today to discuss software options and to find out how we can help your organization.