A contract research organization must take advantage of all technologies at its disposal if it hopes to stay on top in the industry. Research and clinical study methods are constantly changing, and the entire CRO Industry must take note of the benefits and necessities of virtual trials in order to stay relevant. Text messaging technology is one incredible force that can be used to help with nearly all aspects of research for the pharmaceutical industry.

With so many contract research organizations around today, it is vital to ensure that the services your CRO offers help you gain an edge over your competition in this lucrative market. One way that you can do this is by using current technology, including text messaging, to trim excesses and improve study participation while still providing stellar support.

Texting Improves Recruitment
Instead of recruiting patients the traditional way through mail and telephone calls, texting lets you reach them where they are. Potential study participants can receive links to surveys to find out if they fit the prerequisites for a study. Study leaders can also send individuals call-to-action communications in the palms of their hands to reach even more people.

Texting Helps Decrease Patient Dropout
Retention is a huge problem for many clinical research studies, but texting helps decrease this problem by letting patients feel valued and heard. Personalized texts improve communication between study leaders and participants. In addition, studies conducted via text get around some of the major reasons why patients traditionally drop out, including a dislike of in-person appointments and potential travel constraints.

Texting Improves Compliance
With regular reminder texts through automated channels, participants are more likely to stay on top of surveys, medication regimens and more. In addition, participants are more likely to stay interested in a study when they feel valued.

Texting Increases Engagement
While patient retention is important for a successful study, engagement is equally important in making sure that participants complete studies and give complete and accurate answers. Texting is used by a vast majority of Americans today, making it the perfect tool for your next study.

Texting Improves Patient Reported Outcomes Collection
Letting patients report values and outcomes via mail, in-person appointments or even online can lead to disappointing results as many participants will fail to complete their forms. Texting links to surveys and forms makes it easier for patients to complete studies on their own time.

As your contract research organization continues to aid pharmaceutical companies with their research, it is vital that you use the newest technologies at your disposal. Clinical research is rapidly expanding across the globe, and the entire CRO Industry certainly has an opportunity to cash in on new participants via text messaging without having to spend extra resources on as many additional personnel and in-person appointments.

Whether you are a large-scale CRO providing research help internationally or are a smaller-scale CRO providing help solely for domestic clinical trial research, texting services can help you manage a huge portion of your upcoming studies.

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