Mosio Text Messaging Showcased in Published Clinical Research Papers

(Pubmed, BMJ, NEJM, Etc)

We’ve recently published a page we’ll update as often as possible showcasing clinical research publications where Mosio’s text messaging software has been used to communicate with study participants, including Pubmed, BMJ, and the National Library of Medicine. Mosio clients include universities, cancer centers, foundations, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies, creating new life saving therapies to improve health and wellness in the world.

Clinical Studies Using Mosio

Clinical Studies Using Mosio

Mosio’s text messaging software makes it easier for researchers to request and receive responses from participants in ongoing studies. By integrating this convenient communication method into your regular protocols, you can enjoy the benefits of fast and accurate information from your study participants. This is especially useful for long-term studies that require daily input from your test subjects.

We are proud of the assistance we have provided for researchers in these and other fields:

  • HIV research and education
  • Antiretroviral adherence
  • Smoking cessation, education and prevention
  • Behavioral intervention for patients with hypertension
  • Technological challenges in telehealth counseling
  • Monitoring patient-reported outcomes
  • Outreach for HPV vaccination
  • Care for youth victims of violence
  • Addiction treatment and recovery
  • Cancer survivorship
  • E-cigarette and vaping studies

By implementing Mosio’s text messaging system into your research protocols, you can achieve your critical objectives:

  • Subjects will be more likely to respond to carefully tailored texts that elicit the relevant information quickly and easily.
  • With Mosio’s innovative software, you can schedule days and times for a series of surveys or text messages. This will allow you to obtain results over time for your research studies.
  • Statistics show that most mobile phone users read text messages within three minutes of receiving them. If time is of the essence, text messaging is an ideal solution for contacting participants in your studies.
  • Text messaging methodologies will allow you to retain participants in your studies and to reach them quickly and easily.
  • You can also send prompts and reminders for study participants who have not yet filled out your latest survey or request for information.
  • Text messaging eliminates the game of phone tag that can frustrate your participants and can reduce their ability to respond quickly.
  • The Mosio system can convert text messages into a readable format to reduce data entry tasks for you and your staff. This can eliminate the repetitive tasks of entering the same information again and again, which can not only save time but could improve morale throughout your research organization.

The information you collect in this way can make it much easier to acquire additional data points for your research. For papers to be published in medical journals, the documentation made possible by text messages will allow you to support your findings. By automating your data collection procedures, you can increase buy-in among participants and can ensure the widest possible range of respondents for clinical research articles and data that will appear in medical journals. Mosio makes it easier for you and your team to obtain the results you need and to document them accurately from start to finish.