Send Text Message Appointment Reminders with REDCap

At Mosio, we know that streamlining your research processes is critical to your ongoing productivity and success in your endeavors. Our systems integrate seamlessly with REDCap to make it much easier to deal with data collection and database management. Mosio allows you to automate your survey deliveries and to send automated text reminders that can produce the best results for your research team.

Streamlining the Communication Process

Mosio makes it easy to deliver SMS and text reminders to study participants and patients, which can significantly increase engagement with and participation in your research activities. SMS reminders are also useful to keep patients on track with their medications and other required research activities. Mosio is the perfect complement to REDCap for managing your research studies more efficiently.

The Ideal Solutions for Appointment Reminders

Mosio is designed to integrate with your current REDCap implementation to create a seamless experience for your research team. Since most of your study participants will already be familiar with texting and SMS messaging, delivering reminders for upcoming appointments through Mosio can increase engagement and improve attendance for your research and medical appointments. Mosio can automatically send reminders from within REDCap in response to completed activities and those for which your researchers are still awaiting a response.

Integrated and Seamless Communications

Mosio makes it easy to touch base with your study participants to ensure that they provide necessary information, adhere to their medication schedules and respond to surveys and questionnaires in a timely manner. Mosio’s text messaging system can be configured to operate completely within the REDCap interface. This can eliminate the need for your researchers to learn an entirely new software system when delivering text and SMS reminders to participants in your studies.

Two-way Text Messaging

For even greater flexibility in communicating with your research study participants, Mosio allows your research team to schedule and participate in two-way text messaging sessions. This advanced capability can produce clear lines of communication that can promote the most accurate results for your studies. Mosio is designed with your research needs and communication requirements in mind.

The Best in REDCAP Integration From Mosio

At Mosio, we are constantly working to create innovative solutions for researchers and study participants. Are you curious to learn more, check out this page How Mosio Makes REDCap Better. If you want to see how to use text messaging in your REDCap project, click here to get a free project plan. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your research team to improve your workflows now and in the future.