Global Blockchain Healthcare Platform Encourages Health and Wellness Through Secure Mobile Messaging and a Digital Rewards Ecosystem

We are proud today to announce Clinicoin, a “super app” platform for healthcare. Clinicoin is the first cryptocurrency/blockchain platform focused on patient engagement in healthcare and research.

Clinicoin utilizes a turnkey, digital rewards ecosystem to encourage people to be proactive in their health and wellness through HIPAA-secure, two-way communications access to healthcare and research organizations. Clinicoin’s global health platform is open-source for developers and providers to create new innovations on top of the platform or to connect their existing software.

“Clinicoin is the digital intersection between wellness, health and research,” stated Noel Chandler, co-founder and CEO of Mosio, creator of Clinicoin.  “Chronic diseases cause nearly three quarters of the world’s deaths each year, many of them preventable by improving healthy choices and behaviors. Clinicoin helps keep people engaged in their health and wellness, while providing them with a simple and secure way to communicate with providers, researchers and digital tools to keep them healthy.”

Through a proprietary system called “Proof of Engagement,” the Clinicoin platform rewards users of the platform for taking part in healthy activities, as well as developers for acting as engagement validators, similar to miners in other popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Confirmation of the engagement activities are then posted to the blockchain.

There are approximately 300,000 health apps in the app stores, creating an mhealth app overload problem. To solve this, users download Clinicoin’s open source app, then add providers, organizations and digital health tools via the address book, instead of having to download a mobile app for each. Leveraging 10 years as a mobile messaging solutions provider, Mosio utilizes the Clinicoin platform to solve patient engagement problems for its clients, including healthcare organizations, clinical researchers, and application developers.

“Clinicoin is an example of the continuous innovation we’ve seen with Mosio throughout our long relationship with them,” explained David Nichols, founder and COO of CareWire, a mobile patient engagement company that serves hospital and health systems. “We see great potential for this to enhance secure patient-to-provider communication and drive dramatic increases in engagement, and look forward to exploring more deeply how it may help us serve our client needs.”

The Clinicoin upcoming cryptocurrency token sale will open at 9am PST on February 21, 2018 and close at 6pm PST on March 20, 2018. Of the 3 billion Clinicoins minted, 600 million will be reserved in the community rewards pool, rewarding patients for taking part in healthy activities. Everyone contributing in the token discount sale will have access to all early buying bonus discounts, with no pre-sales, whitelists, or minimums.

About Clinicoin

Clinicoin is a blockchain app platform that pays users to be healthy while connecting them with the people who help keep them that way. Building the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community on the planet, the platform is designed to connect users, developers and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness and research. https://clinicoin.io

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