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Introducing Mosio’s Clinicoin, the First Blockchain Platform for Patient Engagement

  Global Blockchain Healthcare Platform Encourages Health and Wellness Through Secure Mobile Messaging and a Digital Rewards Ecosystem We are proud today to announce Clinicoin, a “super app” platform for healthcare. Clinicoin is the first cryptocurrency/blockchain platform focused on patient engagement in healthcare and research. Clinicoin utilizes a turnkey, digital rewards ecosystem to encourage people to be […]

🔑 The Key Roles in Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Don’t let your Clinical Trials become too hot to handle this summer – Chill out with the latest trends in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: Text Messaging and Wearables in Clinical Trials: Two Great Technologies that Go Well Together Wearables in clinical trials present an exciting opportunity for the future of research, allowing for a […]

E-Clinical Trials, Personalized Medicine and the Patient Experience in Clinical Trial Enrollment

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Retention News Mosio Exclusive: 6 Ways Text Messaging Improves Site-Less Clinical Trials Key to the success of site-less research is maintaining patient privacy, building relationships between participants and study staff remotely and ensuring a great patient experience, safety, and compliance. Each subject needs a clear point-of-contact to ensure the success of the trial. […]

Cut the Costs of Non-Adherence in your Clinical Trials

Behold, the power of May ensued! Recover with the latest in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive The Cost of Non-Adherence in Clinical Trials:  A Perfect Use Case for SMS Medication Reminders The costs of clinical trial non-adherence are far from just financial, and the smallest increase in study participant adherence goes far. Text messaging […]

🌷 Patient Recruitment and Retention News: Improve Patient Enrollment

Spring into action with the lastest tips in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: How to Build Your Database for Patient Recruitment One of the ways we can get a head start on patient recruitment is by having a robust patient recruitment database filled with patients in our core indications who are eager to […]

17 Great Clinical Research Memes

Memes are now such a regular part of our lives, that there are numerous research studies conducted on them and how they help us related to society and culture. “Employees are naturally talking about these things online; employers should learn from them.” – Dr. Jennifer Thom, research scientist with IBM’s Collaborative End User Experience Group While they may […]