Best of Patient Recruitment and Retention News – July 2015

Enjoy your summer with a little R&R (recruitment and retention, of course!) by reviewing some of the hottest trending news and notes for clinical trials. Are we missing one? Tweet it to us at @Mosio.

Mosio Exclusive!:
How to Improve Recruitment with Text Message Alerts
Implementing study alerts for quick and effortless patient recruitment can significantly improve operational efficiency and enrollment.
How Will mHealth Transform Clinical Trials?
The introduction of easily worn biosensors, such as FitBit, Garmin’s Vivofit, and Apple’s iWatch, have created a large influx of interest in the area of mobile health.

Text, messaging-based research requires mobile system reliability assessment
Study: Mobile network fluctuations and signal ranges are potential barriers to the use of messaging prompting researchers to investigate the best mobile network options

Using Social And Digital Media To Increase Patient Recruitment And Retention
Article discusses considerations for research teams to use these platforms effectively

Clinical trials offer exciting examples of convergence of digital health and development
Dr. Eric Topal, director of Scripps Translational Science Institute and author of “The Patient Will See You Now”, discusses trends and obstacles in the industry.

Google Reveals Health-Tracking Wristband
Wristband could be used in trials giving researchers real-time data on patients.

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