Study participants want to text. Phone calls and emails aren’t getting the job done anymore.

With interactive text messaging from Mosio, you can eliminate tedious study tasks…

  • Leaving Voicemails

    Telephone culture is disappearing. With the number of robocalls, people are answering the phone less, especially when they don’t recognize the number. Over 30% of voicemails are unheard for 3 days or longer.

  • Manual Data Entry

    You can’t even think about analyzing your data until you spend hundreds of hours manually entering it all (and double-checking it for accuracy).

  • Chasing Down Participants

    and still losing many of them, which means spending even more time replacing them (and starting the whole process over from scratch).

  • Repeating Tasks

    Repeating the same information for each participant, which could add up to hundreds or thousands of times… it’s not only mind-numbing, but also an expensive time suck.

Get a Mosio Textline

Communicate more efficiently with study participants on their terms, improving compliance and retention.

Mosio’s software handles data collection and routine study communications for you,
so you and your team can spend time on the things that matter:

Study design, data analysis, presenting findings… and doing more studies.

How it Works

Communicate more efficiently and effectively…

  • Reach participants anywhere

    Reach participants on the device they don’t leave home without: their mobile phone. Boost response rates by making it easy and convenient for them to engage.

  • Communicate Easily

    Use text messaging (SMS) to collect data and communicate, one-to-many or one-to-one. Set up prepared messages and replies or respond individually.

  • Send/Receive Text, Images, & Emojis

    Send survey questions, images, links, and even emojis. Participants can select a response from a multiple choice list, answer yes or no, send images, or open text replies.

… Get higher quality data faster…

  • Get ready-to-analyze data

    Mosio’s one-click export to CSV makes paper surveys and manual data entry obsolete. Analyze your data immediately or import it into other tools.

  • Improve Compliance

    Collect responses reliably in the format you need, right from the source. Follow-up automatically with non-responders to improve compliance.

  • View responses in real time

    Monitor responses and trends as they happen, so you can spot issues early and adjust quickly– you can export your data as often as you wish.

And create personalized interactions that run like clockwork

… without you having to lift a finger

  • Automate routine messages

    Use “Set It and Forget It” automation to deliver messages and reminders. Timing can be calendar-based, time-based or event-triggered. Set up once and done.

  • Customize message flows

    Tailor your replies and message flow based on participant responses using branch logic. Participants get only the messages that are relevant for them.

  • Follow up automatically

    Send follow-up questions or educational info in response to specific participant answers. Remind participants to submit journals on time or take medications.

Mosio has the features you need to get the results you want:

Higher quality data and reduced participant churn

Two-Way TextChat

Mobile Photos & Emojis


Pay only for the features you need (and skip the ones you don’t): Mosio’s modules make it easy to scale up or down depending on your needs and budget.

(Learn more about Mosio’s capabilities and why text messaging is a better way to collect research data: Click here for details)

… And it’s more efficient and often costs less than doing the work manually

Mosio often pays for itself by saving on costs for:

  • Research Resources

    More automation, less manual work, and fewer errors

  • Participant Devices

    You don’t have to provide participants with devices (or deal with replacing lost/broken ones) – they use their own

  • Data Entry

    Data isn’t manually entered – it’s collected directly from your participants and saved for you to export

  • Phone Calls

    Text messages can replace phone calls (faster than conversations and phone tag)

  • Follow-Ups

    Most follow-ups are sent automatically, not manually (they’re built in during setup)

  • Reminders

    Reminders are sent automatically, not manually (much easier and more reliable)

  • Postage

    No longer needed (and no more delays waiting for mail to arrive)

  • Emails

    Most emails are replaced with text messages (which are shorter so they’re faster to write)

  • Printing Surveys/Questionnnaires

    No longer needed (good for the planet and your budget, a clear win-win)

  • Chasing and Replacing Drop-Outs and Disappearers

    Spend less time tracking people down (and lose fewer of them) by staying in closer touch on the device they always have with them

… It also frees up valuable time for tasks that require your individual attention and specialized expertise

Mosio makes your work much easier. The data quality is better. You can create personalized loops. You don’t have to spend as much time defending your data to other researchers. Because you have more important things to do.

Built for clinical research teams.

Text messaging software enabling you to efficiently communicate with, collect data from, and engage research participants.


Design and deploy text message surveys to collect data, feedback and assurance of patient involvement.

6 Reasons More Researchers Choose Mosio

Helping you achieve study goals and improve your workflow processes are our top priorities.

Increase Engagement and Retention

Patients use their own devices

Text messaging is the most popular communication channel, with 90% of messages opened and read within 3 minutes. Mosio enables researchers to engage patients through two-way communications, alerts, and data collection methods accessible on all mobile phones.

Motivate, educate, and incentivize

Study volunteers have a variety of reasons why they participate in clinical research. Mosio gives you the tools to provide incentives, motivational messages or add gamification elements to your study, making it a more engaging and enjoyable experience, and minimizing dropout.

Communicate when and where it matters

Successful research requires efficient two-way communications between participants and study staff. Our software was designed with you and your volunteers in mind, enabling timely text message alerts, reminders, or SMS surveys that can be received and responded to efficiently.

Improve Data Collection and Adherence

Surveys accessible on every mobile phone

Mosio enables you to design and deploy text message surveys accessible to every participant, not just those with smart phones. Automated nudge and completion reminders help ensure you get your data in a timely manner. Integrate seamlessly with REDCap or other EDC software.

Fix your no show problem

Integrate seamlessly into the busy lives of study volunteers and keep appointments on track. Our appointment reminders can be personalized while maintaining privacy and alert study coordinators in real-time when cancellations occur so they can be rescheduled asap.

Adherence and medication reminders

Automated reminders for medication or study activity adherence is step one. The system asks for confirmation, providing data that can be monitored by research staff to ensure timely adherence. Our dashboard provides study staff with visibility so they can intervene if necessary.

Don’t take our word for it…

“Mosio has been an integral part of our success in our NIH-funded research project. The staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful in assisting with the week-to-week intricacies of handling our data needs. The turnaround time for data requests is excellent! Mosio has set a new standard for service to researchers with their ability to reach target populations through their mobile software. I recommend Mosio to my colleagues.”

Richard CrosbyDDI Endowed Professor

“We had an amazing response with Mosio! The minute we sent the text, we would immediately get a lot of calls. It was not double, not, triple, but five times the response, even with less people contacted (compared to e-mail).”

Mazen ZariDirector of Operations

“The Mosio platform has aided our company in bridging communication gaps between physicians and patients. The platform has consistently delivered reliable messaging to our target audience on a weekly basis. We have also found the staff to be very responsive and reliable.”

Liz HowarthMarketing Manager

“Mosio is solving one of the biggest challenges in recruiting and retaining patients for trials, using their wealth of knowledge and experience in mobile to help researchers produce cost effective, successful outcomes.”

Victoria DudasAssociate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy


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