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Automated Messaging For Clinical Studies: A Compliant Approach With REDCap Direct

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As clinical research studies embrace digital solutions, one question grows in importance:

Are your researchers using text messaging services that would make your compliance officers proud?

The reality is that many researchers, driven by cost efficiency or convenience, use services like Google Voice or other third-party texting companies for communication. The free or low-cost appeal of these services often overlooks one crucial detail: compliance.

The Hidden Risks Of Unauthorized Messaging Services

While it may seem like a harmless act, using unauthorized text messaging services can pose serious security and compliance risks. These services are often not subjected to a thorough security and compliance audit by the institution’s IT and security departments. The ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ mentality prevalent in many institutions allows these risky practices to continue unchecked until they escalate into a significant problem.

Ensuring Security & Compliance With REDCap Direct

In a time when data security and regulatory compliance are paramount, Mosio’s REDCap Direct integration presents a robust and secure solution. Researchers can leverage the efficiency and convenience of text messaging, while the IT and security departments can rest easy knowing that all communications are HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Non-Compliance

When an institution is billed for a service, such as Mosio’s REDCap integration, the IT and security departments are prompted to investigate the company. This process includes an extensive security and compliance audit to verify the provider’s adherence to relevant standards and regulations. By choosing a service like Mosio, researchers can avoid the potential nightmares of non-compliance and data breaches.

Striking The Balance Between Efficiency, Compliance, & Security

Mosio’s REDCap Direct solution is more than a texting service. It is a comprehensive communication tool, built with the understanding of the stringent compliance and security requirements that clinical research demands. By choosing a compliant and secure service like Mosio, researchers can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of digital communication, ensuring that their practices won’t keep the compliance officers up at night.

Using A Compliant Text Messaging Solution in Clinical Research

With advancements in digital communication, text messaging has proven to be a powerful tool in clinical research. Yet, it must be used responsibly, adhering to the relevant compliance and security protocols. When choosing a HIPAA-compliant solution like Mosio’s REDCap Direct, researchers can ensure the safety and security of their communications, making their IT and security departments proud.

The choice is clear: it’s time to put the nightmares of non-compliance to rest, secure in the knowledge that your text messaging practices meet the stringent clinical research requirements. Choose Mosio as your team’s go-to text messaging solution, and let your research communications be a source of pride, not a cause for concern.

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