Research communication and participant engagement have always been central to the success of any study – and text messaging presents a highly convenient way for research teams to keep study participants in the loop and ensure compliance.

Underutilization Of Text Messaging In REDCap Projects

Our discussions with REDCap Administrators and Users revealed an intriguing situation: less than 5% of REDCap projects are currently using text messaging as a means of communication with study participants. When it comes to boosting participant engagement, adherence, and data collection, there is tremendous untapped potential in this area.

Introducing REDCap Direct For Instant Text Messaging

With Mosio, this landscape is all set for a transformation. Mosio is equipped to send personalized text messages for Alerts & Notifications and SMS Surveys in REDCap, radically streamlining the task of connecting with study participants. Mosio promises to dramatically enhance engagement, adherence, and data collection in studies.

REDCap Direct: A Solution For Universities & Organizations

For universities and organizations, we have developed REDCap Direct. This solution is aimed at research clients who seek a straightforward, reliable method to integrate text messaging capabilities into REDCap, keeping privacy, data security, and administrative needs in mind.

Mosio Ensures Compliance & Security

Mosio’s REDCap Direct solution is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Mosio is open to signing Organizational Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with REDCap partner organizations to help get the ball rolling.

SMS Alerts & Notifications: Connecting With Participants

REDCap users can now send alerts as SMS text messages via Mosio, a feature available on the Alerts & Notifications page. This allows users to send alerts as SMS messages, eliminating all settings specific to emails and enabling them to directly input the recipients’ phone numbers.

Enhancing Surveys With SMS

Mosio offers SMS Surveys, wherein questions are presented individually as part of an SMS conversation thread, facilitating responses via any alphanumeric text. This functionality allows most of REDCap’s survey features to remain unchanged. However, the implementation of SMS Surveys does necessitate approval from your REDCap Admin, as per your organization’s usage policies.

What Are The Key Benefits For REDCap Users & Admins?

Our extensive experience in helping researchers leverage text messaging and REDCap has allowed us to witness the considerable advantages this service offers to REDCap Users and Admins. From dedicated high-volume texting numbers for each account to automatic texting number registration, the benefits are vast, with more features and plans, such as TextChat and Appointment Reminders, on the horizon.

Embrace Self-Managed Text Messaging With REDCap Direct

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of research communication, it is becoming increasingly evident that text messaging is a potent tool for enhancing engagement and data collection. With advanced solutions like Mosio, integrating text messaging into research studies has never been easier or more efficient.

Learn more about how REDCap Direct can help improve your REDCap Projects with text messaging.