Even if two-way messaging is not allowed in clinical studies at your university, you can still take advantage of automated messaging using Mosio’s custom REDCap integration.

Straight off the bat, here are some key benefits of automated messaging for clinical studies:

  • Streamlined study communications
  • Improved participant adherence and engagement
  • Personalized study participant experiences
  • Efficient use of study staff’s time
  • Seamless integration with REDCap

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of automating your messages and survey delivery in clinical studies.

Automating Your Messages & Survey Delivery With Mosio

Imagine a world where your clinical research communications are not just on autopilot but also personalized for each study participant. This is made possible with Mosio’s Storylines. It’s an intuitive feature that allows you to pre-schedule a series of messages or study surveys, setting each participant on their unique communication journey starting from the very outset.

Whether your study staff needs to deliver surveys, send out ePRO diaries at specific times, or initiate automated coordinator check-ins to bolster engagement, Mosio’s Storylines ensures that your study communications run smoothly and efficiently.

Use Automation To Drive Participant Adherence & Study Engagement

When it comes to clinical studies, participant adherence and engagement are critical to collecting reliable and accurate data. With Mosio’s Storylines, you can craft your message flow around your study’s needs. Study staff can use it to set medication reminders, intervention prompts, or automated check-ins to improve engagement while also minimizing the workload on study staff. Once the system is fully configured, all it takes is a one-time input from the researchers, and Mosio can distribute this at scale.

Personalized Communication Made Easy With Mosio’s Form Field™

With many studies hosting hundreds of participants, providing a personalized experience is often challenging for study staff juggling large workloads. Mosio’s Form Field™ technology simplifies communicating with study participants at scale by enabling you to save pre-determined “data slots” in your messages. These slots auto-fill when the messages are dispatched, allowing you to address participants by their names, mention specific study details, or dynamically update content over time with a single field change. This is ideal for overstretched study staff that are committed to swift study communication.

Automated Coordinator Check-Ins At Scale With Mosio

Ensuring study participants feel looked after and valued is a major component of successful clinical research. Mosio’s automated coordinator check-ins make it possible to maintain a personal touch in your communications without burdening your study staff with the impossible task of consistently checking in with every participant through manual messages. Pre-scheduled messages keep lines of communication open and make sure participants feel heard and acknowledged throughout the study.

Initiate Messaging Flows Using External Systems Like REDCap

The power of Mosio’s messaging system extends beyond its own platform. Mosio can seamlessly connect with third-party software to initiate Storyline messaging. Mosio integrates with a variety of systems, including REDCap, Medrio, and Fitbit, making it a versatile tool for any study. If you are using EDC or ePRO software and want to see how Mosio can enhance your study’s adherence and engagement, reach out to the Mosio team to explore integration possibilities.

The integration of automated messaging in clinical studies can significantly streamline study communications, improve participant engagement, and alleviate the work burden on study staff that do not have the time to keep up with communication.

If you are looking for a solution to personalize interactions with study participants and integrate seamlessly with external systems, Mosio’s custom REDCap integration can transform your clinical study communications.

Start automating your study communication today with Mosio.