Automated text messaging inside of REDCap can offer the following benefits to research teams:

  • Streamlined communication
  • Increased participant engagement
  • Improved adherence
  • Efficient data collection
  • Advanced security measures

Mosio is now integrated with REDCap, specializing in research communications automation to improve engagement, adherence, and data collection in studies. Teams can send text messages for Alerts & Notifications and SMS Surveys in REDCap. This integration ensures compliance with both HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11, bringing further security and ease to the research process.

11 Benefits Of Using Mosio For REDCap Users & Admins

1 – Dedicated High Volume Texting Number

Each Mosio account on REDCap has a dedicated high-volume texting number. This functionality increases the efficiency of communication, allows for better management of notifications, and ensures faster response times.

2 – One Texting Number for Multiple Projects

The dedicated texting number can be used across multiple REDCap projects managed by your team. This eliminates the need for separate numbers for each project, reducing complexity and fostering better organization.

3 – Automatic Texting Number Registration

With automatic texting number (A2P 10DLC) registration available free of charge and with no Tax ID/EIN required, getting started with Mosio on REDCap becomes an easy, straightforward process.

4 – Business Associate Agreements (BAAs)

Mosio is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of protected health information. As a testament to this commitment, we prepared to review and sign organization or university Business Associate Agreements.

5 – Message Overage Protection

To prevent unforeseen costs, Mosio’s Message Overage Protection feature ensures your account will not exceed your monthly allotment of messages unless you opt into overages and specify a maximum.

6 – Six Years Of Experience With REDCap Text Messaging

Mosio’s experience in helping researchers leverage text messaging with REDCap for over six years is invaluable. We are extremely familiar with the platform, understand its intricacies, and can assist researchers to use it optimally for their studies.

7 – Discounted REDCap Integration Services

Mosio offers discounted custom REDCap integration services. This enables your research team to implement advanced integration features that can tailor the platform to meet the specific needs of your study.

8 – Research-Specific Documentation & Training Guides

Mosio provides documentation and training guides that are specific to research teams. These resources enable researchers to easily navigate the REDCap platform, understand its features, and utilize it effectively for their projects.

9 – Letter of Support (LOS) Templates

Mosio also provides Letter of Support templates, which can be helpful for securing funding or support for research projects.

10 – Documentation for Grant or IRB Submissions

Having pre-prepared documentation for grant or IRB submissions can streamline the application process and save time for researchers.

11 – Guidance on Informed Consent Forms

Mosio provides guidance on adding appropriate language to informed consent forms for text messaging, ensuring legal and ethical compliance, and enhancing participants’ understanding of the research.

Future Plans For REDCap Direct: TextChat & Appointment Reminders

The development team at Mosio is working on adding new features, such as TextChat and Appointment Reminders. These features will provide additional tools for researchers to improve communication, manage appointments, and gather data.

Learn more about our self-managed text messaging solution for REDCap.