REDCap Direct: Self-Managed Text Messaging

Automated Two-Way Text Messaging Inside of REDCap
Month to Month Plans via Credit Card
Self-Service, Quick Setup
Organizational BAAs Accepted


Mosio now enables clients to send text messages for Alerts & Notifications and SMS Surveys in REDCap

There are two ways REDCap currently works with Mosio (more features coming soon):
1. Alerts & Notifications – Sending REDCap Survey links via text message.
2. SMS Surveys – Sending questions and getting replies via text message.

Mosio specializes in research communications automation, helping researchers improve engagement, adherence, and data collection in studies. The service is both HIPAA** and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and willing to sign Organizational BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) with REDCap partner organizations.

Alerts & Notifications

With Mosio, you can send Alerts as SMS text messages, located on the Alerts & Notifications page. When creating a new alert, you will have the option to select either Email (via REDCap) or SMS (via Mosio).

Selecting SMS will remove all settings specific to email (subject line, attachments, etc) and reveal a text box where you can enter the phone number(s) of the recipients. The alerts will still function as usual, but the notification will be sent as an SMS message instead of an email.

The Mosio Development team has been helping REDCap users leverage two-way text messaging for over 6 years through custom REDCap integration services. REDCap Direct enables researchers to use their system in a “self-service” approach. More features and functionality are being developed.

Text Message (SMS) Surveys

With SMS Surveys, questions are presented individually as part of an SMS conversation thread. Respondents can answer using any type of alphanumeric text.

Most of REDCap’s survey features remain unchanged with SMS Surveys. These include enforcing required fields, validating fields, using branching logic, utilizing the Survey Queue for multiple surveys (only when Auto-Start is enabled), receiving email notifications and confirmations, accessing the Participant List, sending Automated Survey Invitations, implementing Stop Actions and using computer adaptive tests (CATs) downloaded from the REDCap Shared Library. However, the Survey Login feature is not compatible with SMS surveys.

NOTE: SMS Surveys are a sub-setting of the integration and need to be approved/added by your REDCap Admin. Depending on your organization’s usage policies, this function may not be available to you.

Benefits to REDCap Users and Admins

  • Dedicated high volume texting number for each Account.

  • Account texting number can be used for multiple REDCap Projects managed by your team.

  • Automatic texting number (A2P 10DLC) registration (free of charge, no Tax ID/EIN required).

  • We will review/sign organization or university BAAs (Business Associate Agreements).*

  • More than six years experience helping researchers leverage text messaging and REDCap.

  • More features/plans coming soon (TextChat, Appointment Reminders, etc).

  • Message Overage Protection – by default your account will not send over your monthly allotment amount unless you opt-in to overages and specify a max.

  • Discounted custom REDCap Integration services.

  • Documentation and training guides specific to research.

  • Letter of Support (LOS) templates.

  • Documentation for grant or IRB submissions.

  • Guidance on adding language to informed consent forms (ICFs).

* May incur additional costs, commitments, or licenses with your organization.

Benefits to Universities and Organizations

We developed REDCap Direct with the REDCap Dev team at the suggestion of research clients who wanted a simple, reliable way to add text messaging capabilities to REDCap with their privacy, data security, and administrative needs in mind.

What We Offer:

  • Organization level Master Service Agreements (MSA) and licenses available.*

  • Organizational BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) accepted.*
    (Mosio will review and sign yours with no minimum monthly spend.)

  • Management and controls by REDCap Administrators.

  • HIPAA** and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.

  • Bulk pricing discounts on organizational licenses.*

  • Single Sign On (SSO) configuration for organizations.*

  • Static IP Available (for whitelisting or VPN setups).*

  • Encrypted VPN tunnel configuration.*

* May incur additional costs, commitments, or licenses with your organization.
** Sending secure REDCap survey links via SMS is HIPAA compliant, using SMS text messaging for other communication that may contain or request PHI should be reviewed and approved by your compliance staff.

RCD License – Organizational Agreement
The video below explains more about the RCD License.

If you are a manager or director at your organization looking to make it easy for your REDCap users to add text messaging capabilities to their projects, contact us for more information or to set up a meeting.

Mosio’s RCD License – Organizational Agreement

How is REDCap Direct Different from Mosio’s REDCap Integration Services?

REDCap Direct
Self-Service, Monthly Credit Card Billing, Simple Functionality

REDCap Integration Services
Custom Configuration, Proposal-Based Billing, More Functionality (See Below)

If you’re looking to add simple, but useful text messaging functionality to REDCap (Text Message Surveys, Alerts & Notifications), REDCap Direct is a good fit. If you’re looking for more complex two-way text messaging functions, REDCap Integration Services might be better.

REDCap Direct

  • Self-Service (Instant Setup)

  • Month to Month Billing (Credit Card)

  • Text Message Alerts & Notifications, SMS Surveys

  • Configuration Inside of REDCap

  • Support via Guides, Videos and Knowledge Base

  • Access to the Benefits Listed Above

  • Pricing: See Below

REDCap Integration Services

  • Assisted Setup and Configuration

  • Proposal/Project-Based Billing

  • Automated Messaging, Text-Based Interventions, Message Scheduling, Nudge Reminders to Ensure Task Completion, Two-Way TextChat Conversations, Appointment Reminders, Dynamic Functions (If This Then That) , Etc.

  • Initiated Inside of REDCap

  • Multi-Site or Office Studies

  • Custom Configuration and Testing According to Study Needs

  • Work with Mosio Development Team for Solution Delivery, Testing and Support

  • Support via Guides, Videos, Knowledge Base and Account Manager

  • Pricing: Get a Quote/Project Plan

REDCap Direct Pricing and Plans


$39 / MONTH

1 Account / High Volume Texting Number (US/Canada)

Account Can Generate API Keys for Multiple Projects*

REDCap Alerts & Notifications (Survey Links), SMS Surveys

Up to 1,000 Outbound Messages (monthly)

Free Inbound Text Messages

Setup: Self setup through the REDCap interface

Support: Email / Knowledge Base

* Due to message routing restrictions, generating multiple API keys with a single texting number is only available for Alerts & Notifications settings, not SMS Surveys.

Additional Outbound Messages:

$.03 per additional outbound message (includes carrier pass-through fees)

Billed monthly in arrears or every 2,500 messages sent.

PLUS (Coming Soon)

Everything in the BASIC Plan +

Access to a Mosio Dashboard with…

Two-Way TextChat (Autoresponders, Answer Templates)

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Group Messaging Alerts (Newsletters, Recruitment)

Reports, Link Shortener, Image Manager

Multiple Team Logins With Custom Notifications

Discounted REDCap Integration Services

Setting Up REDCap Direct is Easy

Here’s a short video on how to set up REDCap Direct in your REDCap dashboard. There are more instructions and guides in REDCap, but also in our REDCap Direct User Guide.

How Mosio and REDCap Direct Interact

The diagram below shows how Mosio and REDCap interact in REDCap Direct. More information about REDCap Integration Services can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Managing Your Mosio Account/Billing
Payments are made monthly via credit card. After you create your Mosio Account and get an API Key, you’ll get access to a dashboard showing you details about your API Key, Texting Number and Usage. Your billing information and account settings can be managed from there, including canceling your service.

Do you offer a free trial of the REDCap Direct Service?
While we don’t offer a free trial of this service, we are offering the following for a limited time: If you cancel before the end of your first month and have not used all of your plan message credits, we’ll refund your credit card.

In what countries is REDCap Direct offered?
Currently, it is only available in North America. Mosio has global messaging capabilities and currently supports international clinical trials, so we hope to add this connectivity to REDCap Direct in the near future.

Do you offer voice services as well?
Mosio focuses specifically on two-way text messaging.

How do I get support?
You first need to make sure REDCap at your organization has enabled Mosio. Only a REDCap Administrator can enable Mosio services.

Mosio’s REDCap Direct is self-service with good information and guides at
If you don’t find what you’re looking for on that page, you can submit a support ticket.

Do I need a different Mosio API Key for each REDCap Project?
To keep clear continuity in text messaging communications, a Mosio API Key is required for each REDCap Project. It also means each REDCap Project will have its own dedicated texting number. As new features and plans are launched, dedicated API Keys and texting numbers will be even more useful. Discounts are available for multiple Mosio API Keys for your projects. Contact Mosio for more details.

Are there other Mosio features going to be added to REDCap Direct?
Yes. Mosio will be adding a host of additional features, some listed above. Currently, additional capabilities are available through Mosio’s REDCap Integration services, offered on a project by project basis. For more information about those capabilities and to get a quote, please visit: