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How to Build Your Database for Patient Recruitment
One of the ways we can get a head start on patient recruitment is by having a robust patient recruitment database filled with patients in our core indications who are eager to participate in a trial. Read this article to discover three strategies to build your patient recruitment database with fresh contacts that are invested in their healthcare and eager to participate in a trial.

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Leveraging Time-Tested Assets For A Shift In Site Contracting & Patient Enrollment
The unfailing ability to complete enrollment on time, every time, has been the greatest yet most elusive need among clinical trial managers. Now, a new approach to patient enrollment is emerging – the concept of a dynamic site network model.

Experience With Direct-to-Patient Recruitment for Enrollment Into a Clinical Trial in a Rare Disease: A Web-Based Study
The aim of this study was to test whether a Web-based direct recruitment approach (patient-centric, PC) using social marketing strategies provides a viable option to the standard multicenter (center of excellence, CoE) recruitment method. Investigators found PC recruitment was substantially less successful than that achieved by the CoE approach. However, the PC approach was good at confirming eligibility and was as acceptable to providers and as understandable to patients as the CoE approach.

Electronic informed consent: The star bench-warmer?
Research has shown that patients who are presented with eConsent better understand the purpose and process of the trial, which, in turn, correlates with a higher patient retention rate.  So why is eConsent still stuck on the bench given its potential to positively improve patient retention rates? When directly asked, “Why have you not used eConsent on all clinical trials,” 77% of global sites responding to the 2016 Annual Investigator Survey reported that they had not been asked by the study sponsor.

Clinical trials from the patient perspective: survey in an online patient community
Interesting study on the participants’ perspective of clinical trials. Bottom line: Most patients are willing to enroll yet very few are invited. When they do, trial participation is often burdensome, but patients are willing to help improve their design. Researchers should let patients help design better trials to overcome recruitment and retention issues and hasten the development of new medicines.

Mobile Device–Based Electronic Data Capture System Used in a Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial: Advantages and Challenges
Electronic data capture (EDC) systems have been widely used in clinical research, but mobile device–based electronic data capture (mEDC) system has not been well evaluated.  This study evaluated the feasibility, advantages, and challenges of mEDC in data collection, project management, and telemonitoring in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) and found promising results.

7 Simple ways to improve Patient Enrollment
Patient enrollment continues to be a critical issue in clinical trials that often proves a decisive factor in its success or failure. In this age-old factor in clinical trials, what can sponsors do to improve recruitment rates and overcome one of the most common obstacles in clinical trial operations? Read more for seven things to consider:

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