Do you know how to supercharge your REDCap database with text messaging?

If you are working on a research team, there is an untapped potential resting in the palms of your hands. When integrated into your study effectively, text messaging can improve the efficacy of your REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) database, streamlining data collection and enhancing study participant engagement.

Let’s dive deeper into these key benefits.

REDCap Database: Why Use Automated Text Messaging?

Consider the mundane task of manually sending reminders, survey links, or general communications. Automated text messaging eliminates this hassle and frees up your research team’s valuable time for more critical tasks. The integration of text messaging with the REDCap database offers numerous benefits:

Streamlined Data Collection

The REDCap database paired with Mosio’s text messaging solution offers automated delivery of survey URLs at precise times. This seamless integration facilitates easier data collection and automatic importing into REDCap. You can also set up friendly nudges via text reminders to encourage participants to complete surveys without delay.

Enhanced Participant Engagement

Two-way text communications foster a more personalized participant experience, ensuring study participants feel valued and engaged. Automated text-based interventions, such as educational materials or motivational messages, can be sent as part of the study. Not only are these beneficial in improving participant engagement, but they also enhance data collection efforts.

Incentivizing Participation

When it comes to encouraging study participants to complete surveys, you need some incentives. Automated delivery of gift code incentives for completed surveys, reminders for study tasks, and the ability to gather mobile photos as part of participant data collection can all be achieved through text messaging. You can deploy and experiment with various strategies to support the speedy completion of study surveys.

Automated Text-Based Interventions: What’s The Impact?

Automated text-based interventions offer no shortage of potential benefits. For example, in pregnancy-related studies, automated text messages can deliver video guides or relevant resources, helping expectant mothers have healthier pregnancies. Not only are you driving study engagement, but you are also increasing your team’s chances of collecting reliable, accurate data.

Increased Response Rate

With mobile being the most popular and important communication channel in society, text messaging significantly improves response rates compared to emails. You do not have to run the risk of recipients not receiving email notifications and inboxes not getting checked. The use of automated text messaging also eliminates the time-consuming task of calling participants and manually entering their responses into the REDCap database.

Integrating Text Messaging With Your REDCap Database

Automated text messaging in research projects offers far more than just simplified data collection. Its potential to provide crucial communication, motivation, education, and appreciation makes it a powerful tool for enhancing participant engagement and data collection efficiency. As we move forward, integrating text messaging with databases like REDCap will be crucial in unlocking the full potential of research.

Now with Mosio, there’s a way to automate your communications and improve your REDCap database using REDCap Direct.

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