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Recruitment And Retention How Can We Do Better
Recruitment and patient retention continues to be a top challenge in clinical research, which can ultimately impact the efficacy of a trial. To improve recruitment and retention in a study, researchers must first understand the reasons why a participant may withdraw from a clinical trial.

Seven Outcomes Of Successful Patient Engagement Strategies
Discovering ways to increase patient engagement has been a topic of discussion in the healthcare industry in recent years. The great news is that the focus on substantial patient engagement has resulted in the creation of more innovative techniques to encourage patients to take greater ownership of their care.

The Importance Of Diversity In Clinical Trials Because Right Now It’s Lacking
Due to the important fact that certain drugs may elicit a different response on a diverse population, the importance of diversity in a clinical study cannot be underestimated. The key to encouraging more minority participation in clinical trials is effectively balancing the benefits and risks.

Clinical Trial Transparency There Is No One Answer To What Must Be Disclosed
The push for more transparency in the clinical trial process has been an important topic of discussion for study participants, the scientific community, and other stakeholders. Interesting enough, the primary challenge to clinical trial transparency lies in the fact that there are is no one answer to what must be disclosed.

To Recruit For Clinical Trials, Throw Out The Usual Ad Playbook: Study
When researchers understand that participating in a trial is a big commitment for patients, they can create more trusted ads for clinical research. Read more to discover the best recruitment ads for clinical trials. Here’s a hint: The conventional advertising rules typically don’t apply for clinical trial recruitment.

Are Clinical Trials Headed For Tech Disruption?
A concept known as tech disruption is a concern for many researchers in the clinical trials industry. Here is a more detail description on the way big data companies are impacting the clinical trial industry.

Patient Recruitment Retention Considerations
For many clinical researchers in Latin America, patient recruitment and retention remains a challenge. Although a data-driven approach has helped companies recruit patients much faster, ensuring that the participants complete all of the study requirements isn’t always easy. One way to improve patient retention in Latin America is to develop a strategic communication plan that considers the patient’s needs.

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