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Seniors and Text Messaging in Clinical Trials

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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Clinical Trial Recruitment

If you are a researcher or principal investigator, you are probably aware that the current model of clinical trial recruitment needs improvement. According to much research, 50 percent of sites only enroll one or no participants in a study. But there is good news: The use of artificial intelligence has been shown to provide accurate insights to revolutionize clinical trial recruitment.

Connected Medical Devices Clinical Trials
At the heart of the most successful clinical trials are connected medical devices, and there’s good reasons why. Among many things, connected medical devices are great for reducing data collection burden, offering patients the opportunity to view their data firsthand, and allowing trial sites to receive data in real-time from patients who aren’t close by. Most importantly, these technological advancements create a more rewarding clinical trial experience for patents and site staff.

How To Connect The Common Goals Of Varying Clinical Trial Stakeholders
One thing is for sure: every clinical research stakeholder wants to provide quick and effective patient outcomes. The challenge is balancing all of the goals related to improving patient engagement. A change in mindset among all clinical research stakeholders is needed to not only streamline the patient engagement process but also enhance current drug development practices.

How a Simple ‘Thank You’ Could Improve Clinical Trials
“Thank you.” They are the words that many of us learn as children, but for some reason, a lot of researchers forget to say this meaningful phrase to study participants. For the most part, patients enjoy participating in clinical trials as long as they are regularly appreciated in the process. Continue reading to discover how a simple “thank you” can improve patient retention and engagement.

Virtual Registries: How To Bring Patient-Centricity Into Clinical Research
Did you know that visual registries can promote optimal patient centricity in a clinical trial? Due to this excellent trend, an increasingly amount of researchers are now recognizing the many benefits of patient-centric registries. Before creating a virtual registry, you’ll want to read this article to become familiar with the hurdles to overcome.

Time To Embrace Patient Involvement In Clinical Trials?
Poor patient recruitment and retention are arguably some of the biggest challenges for researchers conducting clinical trials. But can patient and public involvement or PPI positively affect recruitment and retention rates? Read more to learn more about PPI interventions.

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