Join us at Site Solutions Summit at Amelia Island, October 8-11, 2015. This premier event is designed to help clinical research sites reach optimal performance. Mosio’s dedication to assisting sites achieve their patient recruitment and retention goals aligns with this mission, and we’re delighted to join like-minded professionals at this great event!

Providing solutions to clinical research sites for its 10th year, the Summit promises to be an engaging meta-discussion filled with thought leadership and actionable strategies. Mosio is especially looking forward to tackling one of the most difficult aspects of clinical trials: patient recruitment and retention.

While recruiting and retaining patients are two of the most difficult aspects of a study, they can be alleviated utilizing new, cost-effective mobile technologies.

Mosio makes patient enrollment and engagement easier through three effective text messaging features accessible on 99% of patient mobile devices.

Our team of experts work with a variety of research sites to provide a suite of solutions to streamline the clinical operations processes and increase the effectiveness of patient communications.

To see how text messaging can improve your patient recruitment and retention with Mosio’s text messaging solutions for Sites, click here to request a quote!

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